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Some scenic work has been done at the yet unknown location. Looks like they're re-creating the back wall by the pool that was at the former location:
Paul Helliwell on Instagram: "Finished Mural #thebigbreakfast #scenicart #acenicpainting #setpainting #mural #muralart #fineart #artdepartment #artanddesign #tvandfilm…"

Anyone have any clues as to where the new house is? 

It's a crying shame that they couldn't use the original house in Bow, but I know the area has changed significantly since the show was last regularly on air in 2002. It's no longer the desolate, industrial wasteland that it once once.

(10-08-2022, 11:06 AM)Viper Wrote:  Anyone have any clues as to where the new house is?

AJ's Instagram stories today suggest Hertford. It looks like rehearsals are underway.

Do we know whether this rebooted series will be a continuation of the one-off for the Back to Black season in terms of that emphasis on exclusively black talent, guests, culture etc or will it be more mainstream?

From that BB group on facebook this is thought to be the new house.... 

The back of the house does seem to match the blurry shot from the trailer. It'll be interesting to see how they use it, I suspect they'll be mostly outdoors, but I'm not sure I'm a fan. No matter how much much gaudy fried egg wallpaper they hang i think it's going to lack the chintzy, cosy charm lock keepers cottages had. This looks more love island than big breakfast.

The Official Big Breakfast Instagram account have posted this of the inside of the mansion/house:

[Image: BD44F3CD-B0CE-4B92-B58E-717305FD6C65.jpeg] =

With fun lively entertainment on Saturday nights in short supply till September...watching this in evening on catch up give energy injection the best plan :-)

The new house looks fantastic! It really doesn't matter that they're not using Lock Keepers Cottages anymore. As for the show itself, I can't fault it. It has all the energy and life that made it so good back in the 90s, and Mo and AJ are a perfect fit.

That being said, I can't see it working as a 5 days a week thing again, but as a weekly show I'm all for it!

Loving the show so far, Giving me T4 Vibes!

House seems ok, might be more practical in some ways.

Does look a bit look a nursing home rather than a massive private home though. More so the front than the rest.

The other thing I think is the look of the interior of the house could do with looking a bit more cartoony as some parts seem a bit real and bland.

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