BBC Radio Online Branding

BBC Local Radio (England) formally launched updated Chameleon branding back in July.

Five other stations - in Scotland and Northern Ireland - had yet to update their branding on Twitter:

- BBC Radio Ulster
- BBC Radio Foyle
- BBC Radio Shetland
- BBC Radio Orkney
- BBC Radio nan Gàidheal

BBC Radio nan Gàidheal was the first to move, updating its branding on Twitter today: 
Web Image

The other four remain unchanged for now: 
Web Image 
Web Image 
Web Image 
Web Image


I think we all know that Radio Orkney one will be staying  Smile

(10-08-2022, 11:52 AM)thomalex Wrote:  I think we all know that Radio Orkney one will be staying  Smile

I remember seeing someone say that Radio Orkney's twitter wasn't official?

The new purple branding for BBC Local Radio is beginning to find its way onto the presenter photographs on the website.  Only a few updated so far, including these: 
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It looks like it wouldn't be out of place on CBBC.
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A bit of movement re BBC Radio branding in Northern Ireland today: 

Studio branding has already been updated for BBC Radio Ulster.

And Foyle: 

(02-09-2022, 09:17 AM)frank Wrote:  And Foyle: 

Foyle only partially updated their social media accounts to the new look yesterday evening (after 9pm).

Bizarrely, they updated the avatars to the new logo and then chose to update the large profile images to other non-Chameleon shots.

They updated the large profile images to the new branding earlier today.

Posted in the Queen Elizabeth II dies thread but will also post here as it is relevant: 

What does that say about a channel if it scares fish? Just talk me through that.

Any idea when will the new branding be rolled out to Sky / Freeview etc on the radio channels? And whose responsibility is it to make sure it’s rolled out to DAB radios in cars? Is that a manufacturer software issue or does it get sent from somewhere in the BBC…?

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