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(05-04-2023, 03:25 PM)W. Knight Wrote:  
(17-02-2023, 10:49 PM)Brekkie Wrote:  The BBC have announced this week they're launching BBC Nordic and BBC Nordic+ in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. BBC Nordic will be one linear channel replacing BBC Brit and BBC Earth, with BBC Nordic+ the new streaming service to support that.  

Seems the service concentrates on Factual and Entertainment - BritBox is also available in the area, where the BBC is a 50% stakeholder with ITV, so I guess that is where they put the drama.   I don't think there is a nordic version of BBC First.
Relayed from another thread: the teaser and promos are out on their Youtube channel. A bit similar, but a tad different to the domestic Chameleon form. The spliced partial N in the teaser looked like SRF1 in Switzerland though, only mirrored.
Seems like they realized that as well, as their idents looked more like BBC \ Nordic rather than the partial N: 
All of them looked really nice though - BBC had been working magic on their channel pres since the Chameleon launch (well, except BBC Select and BBC News...)

[Update] The identity was done by London-based Weareseventeen, the same minds behind BBC Two's Thought-provoking 2.
Quote:BBC Nordic launches with a total of five CG idents. In each, the light symbol is shown with a unique motion behaviour to represent a different side of the channel. For example, one ident set in a forest shows the prism moving at speed, constructed of fireflies, while the next shows a more abstract iteration.

“We started by exploring the brand’s pillars and distilled those down into unique motion behaviours,” explains Weareseventeen’s creative director Gary Roberts. “These were then taken forward and inhabited by the prism edge, whether that’s through the speed or the way the edge presents itself to us, its movement or choreography (or lack of) in the space, or the more natural or man-made quality of the light.”

The result is a largely meditative brand, which aligns with the channel’s positioning as an “appointment to unwind”, a release states. Though Weareseventeen also explains how the overarching theme of light allows BBC Nordic to bounce between more upbeat and subdued tones. The prism symbol nods to the concept of “enlightening programming”, while the contrast between light and dark suggests the range of programmes available and the “seasonal extremes of the region”. The colour palette similarly flexes between warmer and cooler tones.
(It's Nice That)

Watch this space...
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Would have been nice if they could have done something like that for BBC ONE instead of what we got.
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It’s always been the case when the bbc do get around to giving the international channels the chameleon approach it will be a lot better and cleverer then what we get in the Uk.

The only thing is this time they’ve been very slow to embrace it.
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They look great - that sort of style would really suit BBC4 if they could be tweaked accordingly - or rebrand it and only show Nordic drama!
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Just had a look at BBC Nordic the DOG on programmes is a tad too big and very opaque, picture quality is excellent hopefully they show a trailer or two to see if the trailers have adopted the chameleon style. There’s BBC Earth which has the old logo still and BBC News which is using chameleon.

Interesting sonic identity too so will be nice to see how these develop longer term - far preferable to BBC One!

The trailers are well done absolutely fantastic, the idents are nice and fluid it’s an absolute joy, well done to the design agency here and bbc Nordic that’s more like it.

Just compare Nordic's Forest ident to the one from the Oneness set. Nordic's is much better executed.
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(19-04-2023, 01:11 PM)JAS84 Wrote:  Just compare Nordic's Forest ident to the one from the Oneness set. Nordic's is much better executed.
Better than a Oneness ident? But how can that be?

(19-04-2023, 12:57 AM)harshy Wrote:  hopefully they show a trailer or two to see if the trailers have adopted the chameleon style.
Well, there're some pre-launch trailers on their Youtube channel, posted a page before. The It's Nice That article has some snapshots of possible promo endboard and blip though, largely following the Chameleon style:
[Image: BBC%20Nordic%20Sting.jpg]
[Image: BBC%20Nordic%20Promo.webp]
(One is from their Twitter thumbnail and their site automatically downloads pictures there, so these are reuploaded to Metropol)

Watch this space...
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