Channel 4-Owned Music Channels Pres

If anything, it's the graphics which have gone early. The programming returns to normal on Thursday.

(01-01-2023, 11:06 PM)PATV Scunthorpe Wrote:  The programming from Boxing Day switches to a party playlist theme, so it makes sense to keep that for New Year's itself, though I'm not sure why the return to The Box is happening on Thursday.

Only logical reason I can think of is because today/tonight (Thursday 5th) is Twelfth night? When the decorations are supposed to come down... Nice touch if so!

Interesting to see promos for Magic on other channels, surely it won't be long before all the C4 music channels will be changing name. Why wait until this close to a rebrand to start promoting the soon to be old branding?

The one thing I find interesting is how they never specifically show the channel numbers of the channels in most cases, just telling viewers to "check their music guides".

I know they did this quite recently after the rebranding of Box Hits into 4Music (funny how the original The Hits rebranded into 4Music itself, really).

See that the breakfast 4Music slot on E4 Extra has now somewhat unsurprisingly been dropped.

(07-04-2023, 07:53 PM)Brekkie Wrote:  See that the breakfast 4Music slot on E4 Extra has now somewhat unsurprisingly been dropped.

Yep. I would have personally thought that they would have kept that for Freeview viewers, unless they are planning to add Channel 4s Music Channels to Freeview?

Well it was only a token effort running 7-9am. What they should have kept was the additional channels via the red button and added 4Music to that, but that vanished a few years before the rebrand anyway. Why the Box channels aren't integrated into All4 is a mystery - perhaps the questoinable forthcoming rebrand of the service to "Channel 4" will address that anomoly and perhaps add their programming on demand too.

I wouldn't be surprised at all though to see 4Music close completely, though given how long C4 have held on to the Box Plus Network and indeed took complete ownership of it, and given where music TV is at the moment, I doubt they'd be much money to be made in selling the entire network so as long as it's not running at a loss it'll continue for now.

I think the Bauer names licence is running out so they are going to have to make some changes. All channels could become Box branded but likely channel 4.

I would imagine they'd all be '4' branded seeing as they are renaming the on demand service and trying to reinforce the Channel 4 branding in everything.

This might be nothing but now has a message saying the streams on that site are going to close on October 2023. Is this the beginning of change for the box music nextwork?

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