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He was the late bulletin presenter and fill in at 6:30 but was mostly removed from presenting roles during a round of BBC cuts years ago when it was decided one of the then two 6:30 presenters would stay back to do the late.

Since then presenting slots have been few and far between and continued so even more recently when the 6:30 went single headed and the presenter doesn’t routinely stay back for the late. Although in recent weeks he seems to have been on at least once a week. I don’t think he’s done at 6:30 in years. 

Funnily enough, I wasn’t making it up!
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He was a regular stand in on the 6.30 but never his main gig.

I expected Hudson to let slip where he was going, it’s the sort of thing he’d do.

I wonder if ITV will announce the appointment tomorrow

Yes, Paul said good luck in your new job (ITV Calendar), all but comfirming the move.

Seems strange not to have any real on air send off, highlights package etc. Possibly a result of where he's going but still if that was an issue you'd think it would be a gardening leave and never seen again situation.

Ian actually did his last Look North gig tonight in the role of a reporter during the 6:30pm bulletin, he 'signed off' by telling the person he was interviewing that he was the last person to be interviewed by him on BBC Look North then handed back to Amanda Harper in the studio who then introduced a (very short) highlights package

Available on the BBC iPlayer until 7pm tomorrow so I'm sure someone with far better video editing skills than me can extract and upload the relevant section (starts around 21:35 or 23:15 when Ian announces his 'secret'!)

He hasn't announced any ITV news yet but seems to make several very clear 'last ever on the BBC' references!
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Nice to see a short clip of the late 90's look with the big N as the logo.

No Look North this morning in any of the bulletins, instead North West Today was broadcast.
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