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(16-09-2023, 07:09 PM)Yorksman Wrote:  A surprise presenter of Calendar tonight, none other than Wesley Smith.
Wesley’s been on Anglia and Central too, he also did  a weekend bulletin down in West Country

(16-09-2023, 07:09 PM)Yorksman Wrote:  A surprise presenter of Calendar tonight, none other than Wesley Smith.
As someone who grew up in Central News South land, this excites me greatly.
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He’s never been on Calendar before although I know since Central News South was axed he’s been floating around the more southern regions

It’s a shame Emma Jesson wasn’t on the weather, it would have been a Central take over

Wesley’s tweet says he’s around for a few weeks (and also confirms he also did last night’s late bulletin as well) 
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Did anyone else notice the problem on the Emley Moor version of Calendar earlier (it was during the Sport section). Did it happen on the Belmont version as well?

For some reason “Politics North West” is airing instead of “Politics North” this morning

Although as most of the discussion is about HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail it’s still fairly relevant to viewers in Yorkshire
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Doesn't appear to have been intentional 

Does that mean they produced an entire live show, not realising it wasn't on-air?

If the opt-out failed, I'm trying to work out why North West appeared instead of London. Almost like someone crossed wires and switched the wrong region to air.

It's pre-recorded. I think NW was on the sustaining feed today so would have been the default. 
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It was, had a look back when it was mentioned this morning and it had the continuity announcement for BBC One HD telling you to move to SD for your regional programme.
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Is he the first regional TV news presenter to have a gritter named after them? 

Or is there a Sleighmy Garcia I’ve not heard about yet?
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