American Sports Presentation

Here's a little bit on Sky's coverage: 

ITV are also going for a remote production model, with presentation on site but making use of a gallery in London.
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ITV's presenting team have a great view to watch the game above the field behind them in Arizona.

The onscreen graphics along with the lower thirds are the standard ones from ITV Sport fused with NFL team graphics when looking at the players on the field of play.

I kinda like them. They do look very neat.

They do have a red and blue desk there with the ITV Sport branding as well which looks nice.

ITV using the World Feed graphics.

[Image: Dz3FiZe.png]
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On Fox, more than a tweak, but not a revolution. Another one of those briefs where it’s “do the same thing again, but update it”. So the graphics are now octogonical instead of parallelograms, and the font I think is different, but otherwise a lot of similarities to what’s before. The cartoon portraits and the video game inspired stuff is still there.

Which is to say Fox still have the worst graphics in American football.

(13-02-2023, 12:45 AM)TIGHazard Wrote:  ITV using the World Feed graphics.

[Image: Dz3FiZe.png]

Is this the only broadcast feed that ITV will use for this game? They have gone back to the WF again for the restart.

Are Sky using NBC Sports for their feed?

I should add, though, that they have some nice animations based on the Super Bowl ring, which I presume are only for the Super Bowl.

ITV have now gone to an ad break.

On Sky, an oddity is that they’ve basically ditched their regular panel for the Super Bowl, with Jason Bell appearing on ITV instead, Jeff Reinebold (who is in Glendale for Sky and appeared in build up programming during the week) not appearing. Phoebe Schecter is on but down by the sideline.

Fox are taking the opportunity to regularly promote their coverage of the USFL in a few weeks. Not sure how the NFL feel about that.

That Halftime Show from Rhianna was amazing. The setup for it with the mobile stages on strings was incredible.
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The view from the ITV commentary box. Certainly not ideal to be behind a goal line. 

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