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Here's the new FOX NFL scoreboard 
[Image: xi9TKsX1_o.png]

I think they're big because of mobile devices. Not really a big fan of these, still don't like ESPN's more. 

Here's a name strap 
[Image: IYADSkNe_o.png]

They've kept the animated Touchdown graphics 
[Image: SxaWrziQ_o.png]
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One other thing I note is that the world feed graphics used the proper NFL Network logo instead of the strange shield logo used by NFL Network itself earlier in the season. Not sure if that mooted rebrand has been ditched now that the sale of NFL Media has fallen through.

And now we're off to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, which will be broadcast by CBS. Earlier today, the NFL unveiled the game's logo, which is in line with the logo style used since last year's game in LA, but with a Las Vegas-themed design. 

CBS was quick enough to get its affiliates on board, as evidenced by this shot from CBS News Detroit:

[Image: vlcsnap-2023-02-13-12h13m14s292.png]

Back to Super Bowl LVII, Sports Video Group published this photo gallery of BTS footage from Fox's coverage of the game, as well as ESPN's and NFL Network's presence on the State Farm Stadium: 

And the US ratings are in... Third most watched Super Bowl in history, and most watched in six years, with an average 113 million total viewers (encompassing Fox, Fox Deportes, FoxNow and NFL+). It beat last year's ratings on total viewers (encompassing NBC, Telemundo, Peacock, NFL+ and Yahoo Sports) by more than 1 million and 1% share. Rihanna's low-key but well-received halftime performance averaged 118.7 million total viewers across all platforms (28.3 million coming from the Fox network on the ratings demographic), a 15% increase on the star-studded "History of Hip Hop" performance from last year. 

Now to some NBA news...

CNBC is reporting NBC Sports is going all-in for bidding to take back the domestic NBA rights away from Warner Bros. Discovery and ESPN (which is also bidding) for the next 10-year rights cycle, due for 2024. It plans to air most regular season matches on NBC and Telemundo, with some games airing exclusively on Peacock. Prime Video and Apple TV+ are also interested on taking some streaming rights. 

For history starters... NBC Sports was the official domestic broadcaster of the NBA during the 1990s, as a such, its coverage is widely associated with the golden era of the league; it also pioneered many techniques currently used for NBA (and professional basketball) telecasts universally. A key element of the coverage is their legendary theme music, Roundball Rock, composed by new age musician and radio DJ John Tesh. The theme is still remembered over three decades later, and its popularity led Tesh to offer ESPN to buy rights to the theme (which they declined). Since then, Tesh has owned outrightly the rights to the tune, with it being licensed to NBC, ESPN, Turner Sports and even All Elite Wrestling from time to time, as well as a long-term licensing deal with Fox, which uses it for its college basketball coverage since 2018. 
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This is how NBC actually used the theme. So many memories during the Jordan era of the NBA. The introduction from the ledendary Marv Albert or Bob Costas and then hearing that theme and everyone grabbing the snacks screaming " Its starting! its starting!" 
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(11-02-2023, 12:00 AM)Medianext.MX Wrote:  Bally Sports' parent company, Diamond Sports (majority-owned and operated by Sinclair, with Allen Media Group having a minority interest) is about to declare itself in administration. The immediate aftermath of it would be the start of the decline for the regional sports network model, which in the streaming era is becoming more obsolete. MLB could also take back the regional rights to 14 teams to re-sell it to competing RSNs or offer them through MLB Advanced Media.
... and they couldn't pay their interests, entering the 30-day period before filing bankruptcy: 

Watch this space...
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New details on the RSN crisis: the NHL has announced is monitoring any developments on the Bally Sports bankruptcy plans. 

And additionally, it looks like WBD-owned AT&T Sportsnet may soon follow, after failing to pay the MLB its regional rights: 

Apple's sports rights are set to change: all of the MLS Season Pass presentation will be produced by IMG Studios, with overarching programming produced in both English and Spanish; play-by-play involving Canadian teams will be aired also in French. An NFL RedZone-like program (in English only) will also be airing on Apple TV+. All content will be produced in high-bitrate 1080p and Dolby Surround, but will feature innovative graphics gimmicks similar to those used on European football matches, as well as unique graphics featuring the Apple brand guidelines. 

Additionally, Apple's coverage of Friday Night Baseball is changing. After trying to shake up coverage with a looser, causal-targeted commentary team (with less play-by-play analysis and more baseball-lifestyle-oriented commentary) to generally mixed reviews, Apple is turning into a more conventional presentation. According to The New York Post, Melanie Newman, Katie Nolan, and three-member teams are out, and Wayne Randrazzo is being promoted as #1 play-by-play announcer, with Apple hiring MLB on Fox analyst Dontrelle Willis to serve the same purpose. MLB Network will still produce the telecasts. 

(16-02-2023, 07:37 PM)Medianext.MX Wrote:  It looks like WBD-owned AT&T Sportsnet may soon follow, after failing to pay the MLB its regional rights: 
... And they're officially calling it quits: 

Watch this space...
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Here's   the Apple TV Plus  Score graphic for Major League Soccer 

[Image: Screenshot-316.png]

FOX was left as the only linear broadcaster of matches and they are airing the same match as Apple TV  , using the same graphics from previous years 
[Image: Screenshot-317.png]

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