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(15-02-2024, 09:11 AM)Rdd Wrote:  I don’t really like commenting on individual personalities, for obvious reasons, but I’d be disappointed if that was the end of Romo in the CBS booth (and I presume it would be a lot of money to buy him out with six years of the contract remaining). He’s been a total breath of fresh air with an uncanny knack of predicting what calls will be made and sometimes it seems his main crime is to be too enthusiastic, he’s hardly the analyst most guilty of that charge.

Elsewhere there are reports that while not a done deal, ESPN is likely to seal a renewal of its rights to the College Football Playoff. This is a surprise, as with the expansion to a 12 team four round format (over the current semi finals and a final), there was some expectations of other broadcasters, particularly Fox, wanting in. It’s good news for us on this side of the globe as obviously ESPN have been selling the international rights to their games and Fox haven’t. (The Big Ten are now edging out the long dominant SEC as the pre-eminent conference, and while Sky will screen at least three college football games each week next season there won’t be a Big Ten game among them as their deal is specifically with ESPN, while Big Ten games are split between Fox, NBC, and CBS, who promoted the Big Ten on CBS at one point during the Super Bowl - it will be moving full time into the former SEC slot this year after having to live around it in the first season of the deal).

From what I'd been hearing in CFB Media for the last ~12 months or so, its perhaps not as much of a surprise as you'd expect, but I'm a little surprised just because 4 years ago the consensus seemed to be when it goes to an expanded format it'll be going to the open market. Perhaps they don't wanna risk that, though.

(15-03-2023, 12:24 AM)sky303 Wrote:  Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus (ESPN airing the game normally) is doing a special hockey game based off Disney's series "Big City Greens" It's a real hockey game , the normal broadcast is on ESPN and ESPN Plus, but they made a special version that's done in motion capture and adding Big City Greens Characters. 

[Image: FrN0X2rXwAAIOG6.jpg]

The Big City Greens alternate telecast is returning for a second edition March 9, this time with Penguins and Bruins. There are improvements expected for the motion capture, including mixing NHL EDGE stats with more conventional optical tracking and motion capture. 

Not necessarily TV pres, but an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the Super Bowl team graphics around the stadium. Pretty awesome for a time crunch as short as 4 weeks! 

Watch this space...
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