UKTV Play to go HD

The only way you could really post a comparison of the de-interlacing problem is to have a 50Hz video source of both the Drama broadcast and a properly interlaced version of the programme in question, isn't the easiest thing to do compared to taking a screengrab from UKTV Play and another source of the same programme such as YouTube to highlight the zooming in.

And even then, they'd probably still claim they couldn't see the difference.

*Again, sorry for double post, the edit window closed!

Yep, we're back again, and as expected, after today's episode I've now lost all of the descenders/tails/sticky out bottom bits (as on the lettter p) on Central's copyright strap on my TV.

A quick look at UKTV Play and yep, the space between the text and the bottom of the frame gets smaller every day.

Meanwhile at the other end of the programme... Good heavens.

Also attached is the same end cap from YouTube and you can drive a bus through the gap between the bottom of the frame and the bottom of the caption.

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Whilst the technological discussion is worthy, it isn't necessary to keep a log here of every issue as it occurs – there have been plenty of examples already.

With cinnamon, never chocolate

Very well. As you wish it, sir.

Yeah, I guess we don't need examples posted enough any more- the point has been proved.

As long as the people who can actually do something about it finally take notice.

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