The CW taken over by Nexstar

(22-04-2024, 06:23 PM)W. Knight Wrote:  Scripps is pulling the plug on CW in its remaining 7 stations, including big markets like Detroit (again!) and Miami. Only 2 out of the 7 will be succeeded by Nexstar stations by September. 

Would be interesting to see who it’ll end up with in Detroit - being passed over by that many hands, CW is basically a damaged brand over there…
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They'll probably start receiving cw plus. That's the national syndication feed, consisting of the network schedule with acquired programming to fill the gaps.

Can't really see the CW brand lasting too much longer - I don't think retaining it does the channel any favours given how Nexstar are stripping out the CW style programming from the schedules in order to cut costs - and I suspect them importing more Canadian content is putting off affiliates from renewing too, especially when two hours a night isn't that hard to fill, especially if you hand over one hour to local news.

More CW switcheroos announced... WGN and the network are reuniting (WCIU is reverting to its local entertainment format The U), and WVBT (Fox in the Hampton Roads region) and KLFY (CBS in Lafayette, LA) are also taking the O&O (most likely through a subchannel). 

As for the WADL acquisition by Mission Broadcasting (Nexstar's sidecar), the FCC approved the deal in the condition Nexstar doesn't finance the transaction with their money and/or imposing an option for them to outright buy the station from Mission; it also imposed new limitations to all Mission/Nexstar SSA, including placing a cap on performance bonuses and ad revenues. The latter measures come after Mission was forced to sell WPIX to a third-party, given its status as Nexstar's sidecar; they must sell the station to another company, or Nexstar to sell other of its stations to buy outright WPIX. As for WADL, the acquisition isn't still finished, and Mission is calling the conditions "problematic", though Kevin Adell was optimistic the sale to Mission would still go through. 
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