Deal Or No Deal

I don’t disagree with your points, but those aren’t really the reasons the stars command the big money.

If Deal or No Deal does come back I hope it’s not Stephen. Don’t get me wrong he is a good presenter but I feel at times it turns in to the Stephen show. A show like Deal or No Deal is about the contestants not the host.

The length of scheduling while recording these shows is a really important factor into how it can last on ITV's schedules.

When it was really an extremely popular inclusion on Channel 4 as a daytime game show; it's scheduling for the later season. It was a very very consistent addition to their schedule for most days of the year.

The only time when you see the show having some time off was only a few weeks off during the summer time up until near the end of August.

I think when Noel was doing that work on a consistent basis for nearly every day of the week on Channel 4; considering his age at the time within the British Broadcasting industry; it wasn't really expected for him to stay on forever.

He has gone on to do different things within broadcasting this time by committing to do his positivity radio business while he is now living permanently in New Zealand.

In many respects; this important question has to be asked at this time. Do ITV plan to have the real commitment in place to keep Deal or No Deal as a permanent feature of ITV's daytime schedules into the near future?

With all that being mentioned by me on this topic to date; They probably would have needed to be in the schedules while it bulks up the programming commitment to have it on ITVX in the near future.

They should go back to basics and get rid of all of the later format tweaks, e.g. the offer button, box 23, if they are to revive it.

The beauty of DOND was in its simplicity.

Every new tweak and additional element of the programme made it weaker in my view and made it look like a show scrambling desperately to remain interesting and engaging when viewing figures began to flag, which, in fairness, it was.

What will it's timeslot be, I wonder? Tipping Point and the Chase seem fixed in place. While the 3pm slot is rotated by Tenable, Lingo, and Riddiculous. Presumably it'll replace one of those?

Doesn't necessarily mean it will be for daytime. Maybe ITV would adapt it for primetime (and a shorter run).

Definitely looks like it is coming back now as there are audience tickets available for a couple of pilot show recordings in MediaCity a week on Thursday 

I wonder with it being 2 recordings back to back if they’re going to try a version for daytime and then a version for primetime

Shame it’s in Media City instead of it’s spiritual home of Bristol.

Is the studio for DOND in Media City a much bigger space than the one provided in Bristol?

(22-11-2022, 01:55 PM)bkman1990 Wrote:  Is the studio for DOND in Media City a much bigger space than the one provided in Bristol?
Presumably depending on if they book a bigger studio. There is no reason reason for them to record it in Bristol though, the reason it was recorded there originally is because Endemol  owned the studio there, which was later sold to what I think was then known BBC Studios and Post Production. A couple of years before the end of its run it moved to The Bottle Yard which was a little more out of the city, which tends to be used more for fiction and of course was used for the revival of The Crystal Maze. AFAIK Tipping Point also still comes from the Bottle Yard after moving there some years ago.

I think Bristol was also the most convenient place for Edmonds.

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