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C4 are taking that F1 TV Pro commentary, so essentially switch to taking a world feed but to the viewer retain their own commentators. 

Not sure if C4 are just prioritising Pottery Throw Down but highlights on Sunday start at 9pm, although in theory they could begin at 7.30pm (as indeed the Qualifying Highlights do on Saturday), with the race time of 3pm. Worth noting as well the season starts two weeks earlier than usual too.

I am soooo happy F1 have retained Brian Tyler's theme, not that it'll be renewed anytime soon. It's got longevity as much as David Lowe's BBC News theme.

Check out the new titles. I am SO excited! 

(02-03-2023, 11:05 AM)bkman1990 Wrote:  Congratulations Susie.

I will have no doubt she will be back on Channel 4's F1 coverage at some points throughout the year.

Really? I didn't think she'd been back since she got the Team Principal gig at Venturi.

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The Sky Sports and Channel 4 intros remain the same, bar a few visual tweaks.

Channel 4's coverage is now sponsored by HSBC. Like previous sponsor bumpers (and likewise Sky's by Workday) they feature 'commentary' from Alex Jacques. 

Channel 4 have not made it obvious they are taking the F1TV commentary rather than their own feed.

On the qualifying show, Alex Jacques and Steve Jones still had a conversational handover, and Jolyon Palmer was used in the build-up as "a new member of our team" although he was only seen once in an interview alongside Alex Jacques.
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Watched the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix last night, it looks like Sky Sports F1 is still the default world feed commentary. I kinda wonder why don't they offer the F1TV commentary as the world feed commentary, since there was an issue of alleged "British bias" by commentary from last year.

beIN Sports is the official broadcaster in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, and they also carried the pre- and post-race coverages, as well as Ted's Notebook.
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The Italian Grand Prix this weekend has been cancelled due to heavy rain. 
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The actual Italian Grand Prix is in Monza later in the year - this is their second event on the calendar.
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Brekkie Wrote:The actual Italian Grand Prix is in Monza later in the year - this is their second event on the calendar.
Ahh, you learn something new everyday. Is this race likely to be rescheduled or does cancelled mean cancelled. 

I guess they'd have used the word 'Postponed' if they were going to give it a new date.

The official line seems to be they'll look to reschedule it but it's unlikely they'll be able to accommodate it.
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Reports that for the first time FOM/F1 will produce the broadcast of the Monaco Grand Prix, taking over from the much-criticised local TMC production. 
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