ITV Channel Brand Refresh (15th November and Beyond)

For those who have missed any of them, The Ident Gallery is doing a fabulous job uploading videos of the idents to their website:

ITV 1: 

ITV 2: 

ITV 3: 

ITV 4: 
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(15-11-2022, 07:07 AM)thomalex Wrote:  ITV have posted previews of all the idents, not sure if this was in the previous thread 

I think they look absolutely brilliant! I heard on the Advanced Television website that DixonBaxi made the rebrand for the channels, and the music for the idents were made by Echoic Audio.
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This may not be a negative thing for some, but I can see them needing to adjust the size of the sponsorship tags on trailers at some point. Barely readable on some of the trailers aired this morning, even on a TV.

Also, anyone else who stayed up for the rebrand fed up of hearing about Dormeo?
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Don't forget ITV Be! 

The 'split' ITV logo is still there in the animations...

Web Image

[Image: tig96x96.png]
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Still the live action stigma?
Some live action in the past have been quite bad, but these, no I don't think so

From what I've seen, I like it, the idents manage to be different, but still in a creative way,and also use some 3D to it
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I see the 2013 colour picking logo lives on for ITV Weather.
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(15-11-2022, 08:06 AM)pad Wrote:  For example, why are there 'animated' elements in the ITV 1 ident on the dancer at the train station? These are a cool concept but should have stuck to 1 channel (probably ITV 2). They could have kept the animated additions to ITV 2 and then featured the wacky elements like the big animals to ITV Be, for example.

Yeah, will wait and see everything but while for some of these the channel is obvious, as you say for others it's definitely less so.

The ITV channels do each show a very broad range of programmes so they all need idents to suit different tones but so far there doesn't seem to be a connective theme for each channel. But again, that's from seeing less than half of them so far.
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Hmm. I find myself struggling a little...

The ident of young people dancing around in a train station with a load of funky vibrant colours flying around them as they did so looked like something you'd have expected to see going into Love Island at 9pm on ITV2 rather than leading into a morning news programme at 6am on the main channel. Hardly seemed fitting to me. Say what you like about those 2013 idents but there was undoubtedly an ident for each time of day and ones suitable for happy, sad, serious, frivolous, funny, (etc) programming. I'm not sure whether I'll feel I can say the same about this new set.

There are some nice ones which seem appropriate for the target audience of the channel, e.g. the ITV3 train station ident and the ITV2 drag artists outside the cafe, but a few that are a bit more questionable perhaps. I certainly couldn't have predicted the one depicting a series of pixelated UFOS, cows, and aliens whizzing about in a field on ITV4...

Maybe I'm just no longer sufficiently young and cool to 'get' this sort of thing and this will go down in actuality as the best set of idents ITV have ever had. Maybe.

Some nice enough elements overall but I have a few question marks. Still, we're only a couple of hours in - I really shouldn't prejudge things too much at this stage. We'll see how things progress.
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I still think the 2013 refresh was the best the network has had and it’s been downhill since then each time they changed it.

I can’t get on board with the idents, but from what I’ve seen of the surrounding press that looks great.
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Official press release:

ITV launches unified brand across family of channels, ahead of the launch of ITVX

ITV Creative and DixonBaxi have partnered on the work that goes live today, as well as the creation of the new brand identity for ITVX, which launches officially on December 8th. 

Notable excerpts:

"Motion principles and digital gestures inform the new on screen presentation across channels, thematically linked but all individual, in keeping with the channel personalities. A bespoke suite of typefaces were created by DixonBaxi in collaboration with type studio F37 Foundry, for ITV’s channels and its new streaming service, ITVX."

"In addition a bold new suite of channel audio beds were crafted by London music and sound house The Futz Butler to be used across all channels to further continue a consistent brand experience."

"Three locations launch on November 15th, Cafe, Train Station and Rural, and then Cityscape will follow in early December, along with several Christmas Idents for ITV1. The final location, Seaside, will launch in early January." 

So it would seem we've seen all 3 locations we're going to see today already, with Cityscape in December, Seaside in January - and Christmas idents on ITV 1.
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