Children In Need

Having watched last night's show, the whole thing just feels too safe and stale. Jason and Mel were fine and could have easily done the whole show on their own, the rest of the presenters were not needed. I'm not sure I really understand the praise for Lenny Rush as he seemed to be spending half the time checking the autocue for his next line, it didn't feel natural with the comic put-downs.

As others have mentioned it, CIN and Comic Relief in recent years have suffered from the lack of live stuff being done in the studio especially as well when quite a lot of the performances are also pre-recorded.

I still find it strange that ITV ditched Text Santa when they did, as I felt that brought fresh energy and life into the telethon and thought it might make CIN and Comic Relief up their game, but they've just plodded on exactly the same and becoming more predictable as each year goes by. The puppet sketch for example whilst fun for nostalgia, seems to have been done several times in various forms now since the original Peter Kay song it's no longer become a surprise. Having the choir pre-recorded defeats the point of being live around the country and choosing 'You Raise Me Up' is such a cliched boring song.

It's interesting that both CIN and Comic Relief no longer have 'official singles' - I wonder why that decision was made?
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I don’t quite understand why they needed 6 presenters for 3 hours, I do think Jason & Mel were very good and like above could just host the whole thing. But should they maybe avoid comedians and leave that to Comic Relief?

Lenny Rush didn’t work for me. It’s just a strange decision all round? He’s never presented before, so why did they think this would work?

If they don’t want to go back live at 10:30pm, it’s a shame they can’t do a Graham Norton CiN special at least.

(17-11-2023, 11:35 PM)Stooky Bill Wrote:  I suspect it's just quite unfortunate, it only started being used for a terrorist organisation in about 2014, and even then is called ISIL too. So if she's 8 or 9 it might have been just beofr or during their peak time in the news. Actually you don't hear much about them any more and they ve change their name a few times so she'll probably be ok

Problem is it is a very common name for things as well as being a girls name. There's the river Isis, which gives it's name to the Boat Race team for example. 

Mind you there's Eta James, Ira Gershwin and Hama is a fairly popular name in some parts of the world
The superhero show DC's Legends of Tomorrow had a character who was based on the comic book character Isis. The show never used that codename, almost certainly because of the terrorists.

(19-11-2023, 02:13 AM)sjames Wrote:  It's interesting that both CIN and Comic Relief no longer have 'official singles' - I wonder why that decision was made?
Probably because they end up making a loss, thus raising nothing at all for the charity. The 2018 and 2019 CIN songs failed to chart at all, and 2021's only got to number 23. 2020's did OK, getting to number 7, but that's unusually good - the 2016 and 2017 songs got to numbers 42 and 29 respectively.
Info from here: 

That only explains Children In Need though. Comic Relief's 2017 song got to number 9 and the previous 2 in 2013 and 2015 were number 1s. There was backlash to Ed Sheeran's music video from 2017 though, maybe that put them off doing any more charity songs. 

Skipped through it today - and talking of music I don't fancy our chances at Junior Eurovision. That was terrible, and not in just the me being 25 years older than the target audience kind of way.

Otherwise agree far too many presenters and it would have been stronger with just Mel and Jason. The Race Across Yorkshire skit was quite good, though the Masterchef Puppet one felt a good couple of decades out of date. Greg Wallace though great at playing the role for laughs, as we saw in his recent C4 documentary.

They did at least try a couple of things live on stage, though the gunging segment was a reminder that they don't get the cast members of random shows doing routines for them anymore. And to think we used to complain about them. The couple of moments linked to The One Show challenges worked quite well though.

I do think in some ways it is stronger than the final few Wogan years now, even if it is missing a few elements from that era. It really wouldn't take too much though just to lift it a bit and I don't think expanding it back past the news, even if just through to midnight rather than 2am, is actually as big an ask as it might appear considering each hour of content is basically a sketch split in two parts and a couple of live performances, with the rest really just padding. I probably spent an hour watching the three hour show which isn't too bad a hit rate really.
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