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France 3's long-running soap opera Plus belle la vie has been rebooted by TF1. Most of the creators and actors are returning for the new season, beginning next year, but new sets will be constructed (Newen having destroyed the old ones) and new storylines are being written; filming starts in October. 

Le Figaro (paywall) is reporting the new series will have a reduced duration to cut costs (around 15 minutes), and might air after Marie-Sophie Lacarrau's 13h or between TF1's existing longer-tenured serials (Ici tout commence and Demain nous appartient, also produced by Newen). 

For reminder: PBLV had been axed by France 3 in May last year, due to the soap's increasingly lower viewing figures, high production costs, and the strong competition by TF1's DNA and France 2's Un si grand soleil; France 3 took the decision to give the programme's slot to the new Aux jeux, citoyens ! magazine, which begins July 24; in the meantime, F3 filled the slot with repeats of Cuisine ouverte, but the low ratings led to F3 replacing it with a daily extension of Samedi d'en rire, which finally bought some stability in viewer figures. A first attempt to revive the series came when Xavier Niel announced his failed bid to challenge M6's license (and for which we know the outcome).
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So it did a Neighbours, got picked up by a different company after being axed. You'd think Newen would've heard about Neighbours and not trashed PBLV's sets until they were absolutely certain it was finished for good?
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France Télévisions have bumped the HBO Italian series L’amie prodigieuse/L’amica geniale/My Brilliant Friend to France 3 for Season 3, which was previously heavily publicised on France 2 for S1/S2.

They're showing four episodes in a row on a Thursdays during the summer to clearly get it out of the way. It must have tanked on France 2 to simply dump it on France 3 during the summer holidays.
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Jarry starts on Tout le monde veut prendre sa place this Saturday.

(31-07-2023, 02:51 PM)London Lite Wrote:  Jarry starts on Tout le monde veut prendre sa place this Saturday.

Laurence's final show was on Thursday with no fanfare. Friday's edition was a best-of featuring previous contestants giving their best wishes to Laurence.

The final part of the show saw Jarry coming down the stairs in disguise surrounded by previous contestants, who then reveals himself and says he'll be back tomorrow for his first game.
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Some presenation changes since Jarry started on Tout le monde veut prendre sa place.

At the start of the show, Jarry now walks down the stairs with the contestant in the red chair for a brief chat.

The desk used by Laurence has gone, Jarry presents like Nagui did all standing up talking to the challengers by their podium and speaks to family members in the audience.

A small tweak to the opening titles to mention Jarry, but otherwise it's the same format introduced since Nagui left.
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Catching up on Les Douze Coups de midi, Jean-Luc Reichmann called up Jarry at the same time his game show was on France 2.

(03-07-2023, 02:50 PM)Medianext.MX Wrote:  Now to some rentrée news... after 15 years of the Richard Holman/Devilfish designs, it looks like Canal+ is ready to finally refresh more throughout its look, putting it more in line with the corporate brand. The new look coincides with the launch of Canal+ Box Office, a mainstream contemporary film channel, and the repurposing of Canal+ Cinéma as... Canal+ Cinéma(s), retaining its general film remit, but now increasingly focused on French and critically acclaimed films.
We now have a more detailed look for the two movie channels. Canal+ Box Office will be more focused on blockbusters fresh from theatrical release, while Canal+ Cinéma(s) is formatting the lineup after genres and filmmakers. 

Also, from the myCanal page ( ), we also get a glimpse of how the channels will be rebranded. The wordmarks are now boxed directly under the main symbol, without the current rotated rectangle.

Watch this space...
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TF1's school drama series Sam is on their second recasting of the lead. The new actress is Hélène de Fougerolles.

Mathilde Seigner played Sam in Series 1, then was recast after the director died and Seigner was a personal friend, so was played by Natacha Lindinger from S2-6 with Hélène from S7.

The series personally jumped the shark after it was decided to move Sam from an inner city school to a rural school in rural Yvelines which has Waterloo Road vibes when they moved the series up to Scotland to meet BBC filming requirements, so I can understand Natacha Lindinger's decision to leave after 1 series in the country.
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School drama? Series seven? Surely by this point Sam should've graduated, and therefore the character should've been replaced outright instead of being recast?

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