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Cyril is very good, but he's solid with not much of his personality showing in his delivery. I've not seen him do much comedy on his other game shows.

However he has been getting gigs presenting long-form prime-time Saturday evening game shows on France 2 for the last couple of years.

If anything, he should stay on Slam, but it's not as high profile as TLMVPSP.
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I think the writing was on the wall when it went weekend only in 2022 but Des Chiffres et Des Lettres has now been axed after over 50 years. 
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How long before Countdown gets axed? Wouldn't be surprising given Channel 4's current situation.

Not ruling out the possibility of that happening as it has had a very good run, but surely for Channel 4 to axe their first ever programme that they've ever aired that's been going for that long - that would have to be a last resort situation.
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(17-02-2023, 12:58 AM)Medianext.MX Wrote:  Canal+ is beginning a reorganisation process of its cinema channels as it plans to integrate and close its Ciné+ and OCS channels to its main brand.

The merger of the OCS channels into the Canal+ core offering will happen during the summer, with Canal+ Box Office launching in September.
Updating from another thread: The Ciné+/OCS merger is happening on July 3, with a new lineup on the former's 6 channels:

Quote:OCS, infinitely cinema, resolutely series: New films on television and premium series.

Ciné+Frisson, cinema sensations: Blockbusters, thrillers, horror and the big, unmissable franchises.

Ciné+Émotion, passionate about cinema: Remarkable destinies, great passions and unforgettable romantic comedies.

Ciné+Family, the cinema that brings together: Great family stories, popular comedies, and animated and adventure films.

Ciné+Festival, indie cinema: Arthouse, independent and iconoclastic films, major names in world cinema and the discovery of tomorrow's talents.

Ciné+Classic, legendary cinema: Cult films of French, American and European cinema, from the 1930s to the 1990s.

(Translated from )

Ciné+Premier is to be the 'new' OCS, while the overarching on-demand service would be, creatively, Ciné+OCS. The current OCS channels would most likely close down.

Canal+ also showed how the new channels would look like on Twitter: 

Watch this space...
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M6's streaming service has changed it's name from 6Play to M6+. 
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Due to regional election debates on France 3 tomorrow evening, the annual Musiques en fête classical concert which F3 has been providing since 2011 has been shunted to France 5.
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