New Year's Eve

Yes, this year's was filmed in Hammersmith Studios in London.

What does that say about a channel if it scares fish? Just talk me through that.
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I did the subtitle test to see if it was live or not and was ultimately disappointed. I don't really see the point in having two pre-recorded music shows, especially when one is considerably better "equipped" in terms of guests and talent than the other, as it makes the lesser show redundant unless you happen to really like whatever guest has been given the spot.

The Eurovision special that followed was also introduced as being recorded last month. It made sense once I figured out what it actually was, but before that I thought they might've made an effort to put on some live entertainment right through the night. It might just be me who gets bugged by the whole "pretend it's live" trend on NYE, but geez.

Please excuse my ignorance I thought the shows on BBC1 and BBC1 Scotland were both live. Bbc1 Scotland show was always called Hogmanay Live but this year it was just called Hogmanay

But I have always thought that was live and the rocks big Ben was also live but the programme on BBC2 is usually recorded as far as I know.

Interesting to see the Hootenanny is filmed this year in progressive scan / filmic style. Was it like that last year? It does rather break the unspoken illusion that it might be live.

Outside of the concert, BBC One did a live entertainment show in 2020 at 9pm called Big Night In or something, live from Salford with Paddy McGuinness.

I think Sam Ryder was fab tonight. A good selection of covers and it just had the right energy, didn’t really matter that it wasn’t live
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Not all of the RTÉ show with Westlite was live. I live right by the outdoor arena, and about ten minutes after midnight the music stopped and RTE used some earlier pre-recorded footage from Westlife. They came on stage about 11.15 and did their ABBA medley stuff before their own tracks.
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(01-01-2023, 02:34 AM)Ash101 Wrote:  I think Sam Ryder was fab tonight. A good selection of covers and it just had the right energy, didn’t really matter that it wasn’t live
I second this, the best NYE concert show in years, and it looks like it will be released officially as part of a deluxe version of Sam’s album: 
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(01-01-2023, 12:48 AM)Gordonthegopher Wrote:  Anyone know what studio the Sam Ryder special was recorded in?
From memory the credits mending Riverside. The clue during the programme was the brick wall at the back of the stage.

(01-01-2023, 01:28 AM)Josh Wrote:  I always get nervous when it gets to :57 and the BBC One performer (in this case Sam Ryder) hasn't wrapped up their performance even though it's always back timed perfectly so there's always 60 seconds left!
I seem to recall one year when it was live (I think Nile Rodgers) overran and cut it very fine. When he finished part 1 he was meant to have a short interview with the presenter. Instead the presenter had to link straight to the fireworks for the 10 second countdown.

I imagine no longer doing it live avoids this problem, as if needed it can be shortened slightly in the edit. It presumably also provides a significant cost saving, both in terms of guest booked, crew and venue.

Definitely enjoyed this year's show. Was nice to have such a wide range of songs sung, spanning many decades.

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I thought it was quite good of them to wrap the recorded Sam Ryder special around the live 10 minute insert for the 'bongs and fireworks'.

Well, it worked for me anyway.  He's a very talented singer/performer.
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What about Hogmanay? Was that live or recorded?

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