Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

Something we might be looking for a change is, however, the OBS insert graphics. These have been consistently dated, and given the IOC has already a more consistent brand identity (complete with custom fonts), we might see some of a change very soon. The insert graphics have been only changed five times, and, in most times, the result is quite poor, with exceptions:

[*]2000-2004: the SOBO package. These have been consistently the best done package. Simple, yet effective, with a Helvetica typeface and an appropriate navy blue and yellow package. The only irk of the package was the stretched out flag designs.
[*]2006-2010: the rounded lozenges era. Introduced in Turin, the package looked much nicer during these Winter Games, however, again, the stretched out flag designs let it down. However, on Beijing, it was heavily tweaked: although the flag problem was indeed solved, the gradients were out and Helvetica was replaced by Arial Narrow, which did cheapen a lot the package. The title banner was changed depending on the Look of the Games. The Olympic Transition Graphic (OTG) was introduced, a quick 3D flyover of the rings which served as wipe for the replay scenes.
[*]2012-2014: the versalitas lozenges era. For the London games, a new look (still with lozenges and Arial Narrow) was installed, but with added versalitas, more italics, skeuomorphism and more navy blue. The graphics had for the first time animations, mostly on the title, which showcased a fuzzy version of the Look of the Games pattern (with an animated intro in some cases). The OTG was redesigned, with the rings now on silver and a less fluid flyover animation; it hasn't been changed since.
[*]2016-2018: the "organic lozenge" era. For Rio, a garish green and navy blue design was introduced, with a "capsule" design reflecting its Look of the Games. Although it finally embraced full 16:9 presentation, however, it looked like something straight of the 90s, as the lozenges and Arial Narrow (in versalitas and italics) remained, but now coloured orange/gold. For PyeongChang, the more traditional lozenge design was back, although a bit straightened.
[*]2020-2022: the flat design era. Finally, a new look for the insert graphics. However, although it tried to embrace flat design, the result was really garish: unbalanced fonts, still with versalitas (but now using Frutiger and straightened) and a really garish green design (fortunately, no more gold letters). The OTG still remained that used since the London Games. There was some degree of improvement as the design adopted the Beijing 2022 Look of the Games, making them much nicer.

[Image: OBS2020_GFXHistory.png]
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The IOC have awarded rights in Central and SE Asia to Infront, after previous rights holder Dentsu have become ebroiled in corruption investigations in their home country of Japan. 

A date for the diary: the Olympic flame will be lit in Olympia on April 16, usually live across the Olympics/IOC social channels.
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Sky News has reported that The HQ for the Paris Olympics is now being raided by French Police this morning. It is thought that there were allegations of corruption taking place at the building. 

How very bizzare.

What would the Police get out of this?
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(20-06-2023, 10:44 AM)bkman1990 Wrote:  Sky News has reported that The HQ for the Paris Olympics is now being raided by French Police this morning. It is thought that there were allegations of corruption taking place at the building. 

How very bizzare.

What would the Police get out of this?

They're searching for documents apparently
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One year from the Opening Ceremony tomorrow... Eurosport has unveiled its Paris 2024 wordmark (shown here in its Spanish version) and its pre-Olympic schedule, including a two-part discovery+ original documentary narrated by Thierry Henry (in English, French and Spanish, subtitled in the Nordics and the Netherlands) and a special evening of programmes presented by Radzi Chinyanganya, followed by a weekly magazine. The advertising campaign has been produced by Movement, directed by Eric Nung.


Rehearsals for the Opening Ceremony have already started last week with test runs along the Seine, whilst the Torch design was unveiled this afternoon: 
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I love the design of the torch - and I'm very curious to see how an Opening Ceremony on the Seine will end up working in reality in a years time
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(25-07-2023, 10:44 PM)UTVLifer Wrote:  I love the design of the torch - and I'm very curious to see how an Opening Ceremony on the Seine will end up working in reality in a years time
I hope the weather is nice. If it’s not then it could look awful on TV. Even in dry and sunny conditions it will be a large broadcasting challenge to make it come across good on TV.
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Nine's first plans for its Paris 2024 coverage have been unveiled:

Quote:As the world marks exactly one year to go until the Opening Ceremony of Paris 2024, Nine today reveals its plan to make next year’s Olympic Games and Paralympic Games the most comprehensive ever screened in Australia, with more ways than ever before for audiences to consume the greatest sporting events in the world across all platforms.

With around-the-clock coverage across metro and regional television, streaming, audio, publishing, digital and subscription video on demand, Nine’s investment in telling inspirational stories on every single platform in Nine’s suite of assets, will ensure the best of the Olympic spirit is shown like never before.


With a commitment to help promote the Olympic movement, Nine’s unrivalled cross-platform coverage will ensure Paris 2024 will be the most inspiring ever for the next generation of Olympians and Olympic fans heading into Brisbane 2032.

Nine’s Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director, Olympics and Paralympics, Matt Stanton, said: “Wide World of Sports has continually revolutionised sports coverage, and with our Paris 2024 coverage on all of Nine’s platforms, Australian viewers will receive world class 24 hour coverage like never before. We look forward to showcasing the best of humanity and the inspirational feats of the Olympians as they strive for glory a year from today.”

Nine's scope allows to have an exclusive coverage of the event (barring some audio rights):

[*]Nine will air 24-hour coverage on its main network and supplementary coverage on its entertainment diginet 9Gem
[*]9Now to have 40 streaming channels and all events live and on-demand, free and ad-supported
[*]Stan will have a boosted affair with supplementary coverage, live Olympic News Channel and UHD ad-free streaming
[*]Nine Radio's talk stations will offer selected live events, a network-wide wraparound show and special podcasts
[*]Nine Publishing will publish special pullouts inside its papers, and digital platforms will publish live blogs, special columns, newsletters and a specialised reporting team
[*]Nine will air additionally up to 14 hours of Paralympic coverage every day, also on the main 9 Network and 9Gem, plus extra coverage on its other platforms
[*]The Today show will air from Paris during the Games (maybe a sign of on-site presentation? During the last few Olympics, Seven aired its studio shows from Melbourne and Perth to cut costs) 

More details will be announced during Nine's 2024 upfront on Wednesday September 6th.
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OBS has unveiled plans for its world feed coverage, with big upgrades in production planned:

[*]OBS to provide 11k+ hours of coverage during the Olympics and Paralympics
[*]More behind-the-scenes material, including pregame and postgame footage, and athlete profiles
[*]Cinematic lenses to be used for the first time
[*]More data graphics and "immersive solutions" to be used, including dynamic graphics like live pinning and biometrics data
[*]More replay camera systems to be deployed
[*]OBS plans to reinforce use of its cloud-based systems and production tools
[*]The IBC in Le Bourget to be handed over in January, installation begins in May, 24/7 operations from June 26, 2024 

To prepare for a smooth production process, OBS has been testing camera shots in the Seine, where the Opening Ceremony is taking place. Three specially adapted boats have been equipped with state-of-the-art camera systems with image stabilisation. Additionally, an helicopter has been filming test "beauty shots" of aerial imagery in early June, in order to check the feasibility of imagery angles to be used during the Games broadcasts. 

As for Eurosport's coverage, much of it will be produced remotely through "regional hubs", allowing regional and country-specific feeds to get relevant content for local audiences, presented by local personalities from local studios, whilst also allowing to streamline production of various feeds without having to install multiple control rooms at the IBC. London (Chiswick Park and White Light) and Paris (Issy-les-Molineaux) will have an important role, but its other production hubs Europe-wide (Munich, Milan, Oslo, Amsterdam, Hilversum, Madrid, Warsaw...) will also help with production. 
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Press release and presentation from OBS on their coverage plans. It is mainly building on the previous post from August, but does confirm that coverage will be fully produced natively in UHD and with HDR. In partnership with NHK, the Opening Ceremony and 'selected urban sports' will be produced in 8K.

The numbers at the end of the presentation truly show what a mammoth effort broadcasting an Olympics are. 

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