Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

Snoop Dogg will return to NBC's coverage, as a features reporter for their primetime coverage. 
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I guess NBC will be going for a live on Peacock, delayed on NBC approach again, though possibly some live action in the afternoons from the non-flagship sports taking place in the evening in Paris.
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(03-01-2024, 01:25 AM)Brekkie Wrote:  I guess NBC will be going for a live on Peacock, delayed on NBC approach again, though possibly some live action in the afternoons from the non-flagship sports taking place in the evening in Paris.

From May, it looks like the biggest events will be live on NBC with a primetime show with Mike Tirico (a highlights or magazine show). All of that and every other event will be live on Peacock. There's more to be shown on the cable channels as well.

Quote:Every day, NBC will provide Olympic fans with at least nine hours of daytime coverage of the Summer Games’ most exciting events, including live finals coverage of swimming, gymnastics, track & field, and more. With Paris six hours ahead of the United States’ eastern time zone, the daytime takeover will feature that day’s most popular events live on NBC in the morning and afternoon. Paris 2024 will have more programming hours on the NBC broadcast network than any previous Olympics.

Given the time difference and following live coverage all day, NBC will deliver an enhanced Olympics primetime show, providing three hours of edge-of-your-seat entertainment each night. The program will take the American audience up close and inside the Olympic day, weaving together the great competitions, moments, stories, and raw emotion for the massive primetime audience to share. Unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, new technology, and the world’s greatest athletes competing in and around the most iconic locations in Paris will provide an epic television and streaming experience.

Peacock will be the streaming home of the 2024 Paris Olympics, providing fans with the most-comprehensive Olympic destination in U.S. media history. In a Summer Games first, the service will stream every sport and event, including all 329 medal events, and will feature full-event replays; all NBC programming; curated video clips; virtual channels; exclusive original programming; and more. 
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In exactly six months from today, the eyes of the world will be on the Openeing Ceremony in Paris.

Some more Olympic programming is starting to be released by Eurosport. 

(23-11-2023, 03:18 PM)Medianext.MX Wrote:  France Télévisions has unveiled how it will scheme its daily Paris 2024 schedule: France 2 and France 3 will free up the entirety of its schedule for live coverage (with the exception of its JTs, Télématin and the Les Chemins de la Foi religious strand on Sundays); during these times (roughly 12h-14h and 19h-20h55, plus 8h30-12h on Sundays), France 4 will take over as an overflow service, leading to Okoo programming being cut during the Games, and, depending on overruns, also Culturebox. The lone curated stream will eventually focus on the new breed of sports being introduced to the Games (3×3 basketball, breaking, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing...); whilst France 2 will focus on popular sports (emphasizing swimming and athletics in prime time) and France 3 will be tailored to team-driven sports. 

The announcement was made during the Médias en Seine conference Wednesday, where it was also announced Radio France will temporarily restructure franceinfo radio into an Olympic-information-led service, with live coverage of events, plus service information. France Inter is also launching a daily round-up show. As a result, Radio France is staffing its small sports department, increasing payroll from 15 to around 100 journalists, plus a number of Olympics-only volunteers and an editorial partnership with L'Équipe which concludes after the Games are over. 

The streaming platform will be enhanced ahead of the Games. The online streaming channel will be launched with the arrival of the Olympic Torch to French shores.

FYI The flame itself will be lit in Olympia on the 16th of April. 
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This paywalled Le Parisien article (from its reputed media reporter Benoît Daragon) has new information of France Télévisions' (and NBC too) studio facilities for the Olympics. The article says both networks will have studios on the Musée de l'Homme at Trocadero Square, a perfect sightseeing spot which overlooks the Eiffel Tower. NBC will be installed at the ground floor, whilst FTV will have studios at the rooftop of the building, specially used for France 2's coverage. All of the main network's content, from Télématin to the newscasts, and obviously the evening highlights program JO Club and the entertainment spectacular Quels Jeux ! (produced by the team behind the controversial talk show Quelle époque !, produced by Hugo Clément and Régis Lamanna-Rodatet, and which will be presented by Léa Salamé and will feature Michel Drucker as co-host), will air from there.

As for France 3, it will install a secondary studio at the French House, which will be installed at the Grande halle de la Villette cultural centre, located not too far from the Paris city border with the IDF communal suburbs. Additionally, each of the three core services broadcasting the Games will also have dedicated galleries. Both moves are waiting approval from Paris city police. 

Speaking of FTV, the network is preparing to unveil a new look for its sports programming. The new look, designed by Movement, is precisely done in preparation for the landmark event, with a reorchestrated theme and updated visuals. The new design debuts today with Six Nations coverage. 
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Do we have any information on where the OBS studios construction will be? For comparison, the Euro 2016 complex, which housed the BBC coverage amongst others, was on Champ-de-Mars overlooking the fanzone and the Eiffel Tower. There will be some events taking place on Champs-de-Mars (a venuse for beach volleyball/blind football), so it maybe possible that that arrangement cannot be replicated. I'd say it's almost certain that's where the BBC will be once again (like they were at Rio 2016 and Euro 2016). 

Reposting this from the general Sports thread

(29-02-2024, 02:28 PM)NI92 Wrote:  Announced this morning that talkSPORT will have coverage of the Olympic Games in Paris this summer, it is on a non-exclusive basis so fully expect it to be on BBC Radio 5 Live & Sports Extra, mentions on the press release that coverage will be allowed on Times Radio & Virgin Radio. 

This is a surprise. I would have expected that talkSPORT would have stuck to football at the time of the year, especially as the season just gets underway at that time.

I thought the original BBC subletting deal from Discovery had exclusive radio rights, but it is in fact non-exclusive. This is the final year of that deal before the new deal with WBD and the EBU kick in until 2032.

There's no mention of radio in the newer agreement, though talkSPORT aren't owned by WBD or part of the EBU, the chances of this happening again are slim. 
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The PL season doesn’t start until the week after the games so only the Community Shield will clash,
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When talkSPORT announced it today on air I thought it was exclusive, didn't mention the non-exclusive until their Press Release went up

Yeah, would make sense for talkSPORT to dip into potential GB medal moments and things like the 100m final whilst talkSPORT 2 has continuous coverage.
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