CITV is to close

(04-09-2023, 10:54 AM)Keith Wrote:  Worth noting that until Friday the stream used by CITV appears to have been split as follows.
- 04:00 to 05:00:  ITVBe +1
- 05:00 to 06:00:  ITV4 +1
- 06:00 to 21:00: CITV
- 21:00 to 04:00: ITV3 +1

According to  it's now split as follows.
- 04:00 to 05:00: ITV4 +1
- 05:00 to 21:00: ITVBe +1
- 21:00 to 04:00: ITV3 +1

It does feel like the 1 hour per day channels are now of a 'parliamentary service' to retain the channel number on Freeview. I thought the existing rules required the equivalent of 2 hours per day, though may not have been applied to existing channels when the rules were introduced.

I wouldn't be too surprised if some the ITV +1 channels swap their broadcast hours in the near future.  Longer term I imagine some of them may close completely in preference of their ITVX service.
 The timeshift services have had their hours completely cut on Freeview. ITV3+1 and Be+1 have moved into the downtime of ITV2+1 where it now closes at 2am each day. 

ITV has opted to completely auction off the ex-CITV space to another broadcaster. Honestly this thread has been really fascinating to follow for the past few months where we've truly seen a point of no return for children's TV on linear platforms. 

I have to wonder how we will see what happens with the BBC's planned closure of BBC4/CBBC within the next two years. It can't be that long until we receive new details of how they propose it.

The Mr Bean cartoon repeats must be doing well - it's being revived. 
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Great to see they're still comissioning content, though I wouldn't be surprised if they slowly start cutting back after this.

Though that's likely a show that's mostly being made for international sales rather than for ITV themselves per se.
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The way that they’ve commissioned with Discovery/Warner could be something that they could do more of in the future.

(04-01-2024, 10:47 PM)fanoftv Wrote:  The way that they’ve commissioned with Discovery/Warner could be something that they could do more of in the future.

The animated series of Mr Bean is shown on Boomerang everyday and has done for quite some time, one would guess WBD has international rights for the series. I guess the new series benefits WBD as much as it does ITV.

I guess it’s not too different than the likes of Aardman working with Netflix and the BBC together on projects. At least this is some new content for ITVX Kids, and some commitment on ITV’s part, even if it’s minimal.

(04-01-2024, 10:17 PM)James2001 Wrote:  Though that's likely a show that's mostly being made for international sales rather than for ITV themselves per se.

Is what I would have argued as well.

Mr Bean in any form, particularly animated, seems to be quite successful. You could say he's quite a draw Big Grin


I'll get my coat...
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Most kids series are international co-commissions nowadays - it's pretty much the only way to get them funded.
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(27-08-2023, 05:02 PM)James2001 Wrote:  I know TCC continued as a feed for the Nordic channels for a couple of years after (for contractual reasons), which I think is what Cable & Wireless carried for a few months though I don't think that showed Batman, Dennis or Art Attack- the three shows they signpost as being "back tomorrow".

The website stayed up for years after the channel closed, I presume the schedule on there is the one the Nordic feed looped for 2 years: 

It's a much more basic schedule with fewer programmes than was listed a couple of months earlier while the channel was still on air, especially the "bigger" shows: 

I guess the Nordic feed was based around what they could get on the cheap to just be looping for 2 years until the contract expired, stuff like Sonic, Dennis, Art Attack, Batman, Felix the Cat etc. was probably too expensive for a bare bones service they probably didn't expect anyone to watch.

Edit: just spotted they had a separate schedule page for TCC Nordic, which was quite a fair bit different from the main TCC channel (including several shows that had moved to Trouble in the UK), still a lot more programmes than listed in the May 1998 (post-UK closure) schedule though. 

Regarding the end of TCC, I've researched it quite extensively:

I've actually found info about the contract Cable and Wireless signed to continue carriage of TCC after the channel technically closed in 1998. Cable and Wireless continued to carry TCC "Nordic" videotape loop until Autumn 1998 (officially nationwide until 5th October 1998, but removed in some areas before then) this was when C&W announced TCC was replaced with Fox Kids.

From:  (Satellite Times, See page 57, technically p59 on the PDF)

Quote:When the Children's Channel (TCC) disappeared from most of Europe on April 1, the Nordic version of the channel continued, via Norway's Thor 1 satellite. Britain's largest cable operator, Cable and Wireless, has also continued to carry the channel, by relaying the Nordic version. But that came to an end on May 25.

According to reports, Cable and Wireless has signed a special agreement with Flextech to allow it to carry TCC. The channel will be relayed to Cable and Wireless' cable headends via Intelsat 605 (27.5° west).

Other Links:  (Paywall) 

My article: 

Relating to CITV/ITVX Kids, ITV regularly posts the monthly highlights on their press site.

Coming in March: Blippi Wonders, Pocoyo Series 2, Masha and the Bear Series 1, The Rubbish World of Dave Spud (new episodes), Deep in the Bowl (new episodes), Coop Troop (new episodes) 

Also here's February's: 
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