BBC News Pres: Apr 2023 - Present (News Channel/BBC One)

Couldn’t even cleanly soft launch. What a joke of an outfit
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New countdown sequence, same old graphics, although the new logo is in the studio.
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(03-04-2023, 09:03 AM)oscillon Wrote:  No clocks in the coundown.

Studio E is still there, headlines still there.

No new headlines.

But there is a glimpse of a new BBC News on the monitors.

It's just the filler. I'm guessing they will still have a countdown
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[Image: 1d9fc066cd8713a5f6371aa7fd453e2e.png]
[Image: f6e3d8b6ef2fe98a9ff33223f1b5bd22.png]
I suspect the old titles are just temporary... the "newer" version might be the one shown on the shoulder TV screens
[Image: 0432d312d788216ba29764d56227b570.png]
All lower-thirds now uses the OS "one-liner" style wordings.
[Image: 315fb8957d8ce6a4b9ff53039cf56b77.png]
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(03-04-2023, 09:03 AM)harshy Wrote:  Old titles oh no surely not please…

I thought I’d read there wasn’t new titles until autumn after E refit?
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Old countdown on International feed.
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Lower thirds are a one-liner, like in the Outside Sourse or the Context.
[Image: image.png]

And I'm growing suspicious of that logo in the studio, the globe indeed looks somewhat cheap (unlike what they have on the walls in B).
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That countdown was very poor. I’m guessing they used the filler one by accident as there was no proper end just a sort of fudged fade. The titles were the same but on the screens had the glove with BBC News to the left of it. I had to say that looked just as poor as the countdown.

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The single strap in the lower-thirds is quite CNN-ish.
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(03-04-2023, 09:04 AM)BBCChameleonFan Wrote:  New countdown sequence, same old graphics, although the new logo is in the studio.

I don’t get it why new look on the screen but nothing new on the titles, this is a joke surely.

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