BBC News Pres: Apr 2023 - Present (News Channel/BBC One)

Guess Parliament is in recess this week. Today in the Politics Live slot they showed the Political Thinking podcast.
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If anyone’s interested, Joanna Gosling will be making an appearance on Morning Live on Friday. 
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Chris Achilleos will join the BBC in April from ITV as Executive News Editor, Streaming: 

Quote:Chris Achilleos has been appointed Executive News Editor, Streaming. This new role will play a key part in the BBC’s digital transformation plans as it grows streaming on BBC iPlayer, BBC News live pages and on

Chris will oversee this work and will lead three teams focused on single-story live streams; curation and amplification of the most important moments in broadcast; and the development of new streaming-first formats.

With audiences increasingly live-streaming news, the appointment reflects the BBC’s commitment to radically enhancing its news offer on BBC iPlayer and to making news content easier to discover, navigate and use. This will ensure the BBC can go live whenever stories break and bring audiences closer to the story, making the most of the best live moments on digital platforms.
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(13-02-2024, 03:38 PM)Omnipresent Wrote:  Chris Achilleos will join the BBC in April from ITV as Executive News Editor, Streaming: 
One would like to think that the BBC advertised this position in-house first, before recruiting from outside. Feels to me like a slightly unnecessary job title that comes with an expensive salary.

Formerly 'Charlie Wells' of TV Forum.
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I agree. The live streams are really an extension of the NC and, one would have thought, that the head of the NC could have oversight of them without the need for another layer of management.

If anything, having someone else in charge of just this one aspect of the department feels a bit disjointed.
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I don’t think these live streams are the future. But what do I know. I just don’t think there’s an appetite for them. It’s what Sky News Active was doing twenty years ago and, well, now they don’t.
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Agreed. At risk of sounding like a broken record here, a linear, live NC showing breaking news and “filling” with reports and other news, rather than static shots of a building (for example) is far better.

You know what to do when a story breaks - turn on the channel. Not scroll aimlessly through iPlayer looking for the “live feed”. It’s a single place to look, it’s always doing news, and it’s doing it in rolling/breaking news mode as necessary.

What do ad-hoc streams really add to that?

To be honest, this problem even affects the UK opt as it has generally been a “single story” opt most of the time. Historically, the old NC was never single story and viewers don’t actually want only a single story to be covered, so it doesn’t quite work.
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Surprised not remarked upon, but Anna Foster presenting the One in what I think is her first BBC One bulletin from the studio and doing an excellent job.
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I assume we may start seeing random faces being trialled out on The One in preparation for its move to Salford later in the year.
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Anna was excellent - as much of a natural in the tv studio as she is behind a radio mic or reporting in the field.

Also seems like we’ve seen a lot more of Jane Hill lately on the 6 and 10 (which is very welcome).
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