I didn't realise people on here were so anti streaming.
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(21-05-2023, 12:00 AM)James2001 Wrote:  
(20-05-2023, 11:24 PM)shropshireguy28 Wrote:  Yes but there will still be shops like HMV.

Though a lot of places don't have HMVs and the likes any more, they shut a load down a few years back.

They must think it’s profitable to make a return to Oxford Street,

It's all very well HMV having an Oxford Street store selling DVDs again, but obviously they can only sell stock which is actually available. 

For example, Ted Lasso just isn't available on physical media. If a series as big a hit as Ted Lasso isn't on DVD, and maybe never will be, then the chances of an Apple TV+ "flop" being released is almost zero. If they then decide to remove the flop from the streaming service, it's gone forever and having a HMV in every city, town and village won't help you get hold of it again.
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(20-05-2023, 11:29 PM)W. Knight Wrote:  
(20-05-2023, 10:26 PM)shropshireguy28 Wrote:  Don't know where your looking but Physical Media has not and will not go anywhere. It would be horrible if DVD's were never shown again, I for one would be left out because as our internet is so slow I wouldn't be able to watch anything. Where would be the choice for me and others in that situation?
And that's when I wished I was born at the peak of Blockbuster and the like! As a student, I'm not really used to paying multiple streaming services monthly online; a brick-and-mortar store that lets me lend the titles I want to watch or to work my papers with is much cleaner and hassle free.

(21-05-2023, 12:24 AM)XIII Wrote:  I didn't realise people on here were so anti streaming.

It's not anti streaming though, its the fact that there are still millions of people who can't use the streaming, there are some areas who';s internet coverage is so bad they can't use the internet for anything. Our Internet is ok but its still not great there are some nights where I have tried to put on something on Disney + or another streaming site and its been buffering, I have had to use the normal way to watch it instead, this isn't just me in our area either as our neighbours have the same problem as well. 

What happens if Liner TV gets taken away and we are still in that position.
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Whilst HMV still sells DVD and Blu-ray, it’s no longer the main focus of the store, nor do they sell as many as they used to. Their priority these days is vinyl and memorabilia, along with Kenji products. Streaming is here to stay, but it has peaked, however like vinyl formats come back into fashion (even cassettes), and I’m sure that will happen again with DVD/Blu-ray.
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I don't think pointing out the downsides of streaming and the upsides of physical media means people are "anti streaming".
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(20-05-2023, 08:46 PM)AaronTV Wrote:  I always thought Disney+ was probably the one streaming service that could get away with not really producing a significant amount of new content, it almost adds to the prestige of the brand in some ways.

Having the library from the key brands which they do, with a small selection of quality new films and series each year, would probably keep them going just fine. I don’t think anybody was really asking for Disney+ to start producing masses of content outside of things like The Mandalorian, for example.
Yeah, people will pay for access to the classic Disney and 20th Century Fox movies, Mickey Mouse cartoons and Disney Channel sitcoms, Star Wars and Marvel content, National Geographic documentaries. They can also add programming from the American ABC network they own, as well as old Fox network shows (they'd own a lot of them due to them being made by 20th Century Fox Television - notably of course including The Simpsons). Other than the Star Wars and Marvel stuff, they don't need to make programming specifically for Disney+. There's a lot of back catalogue stuff still not on there.

I think a lot of the Fox stuff could be licensed, indeed I could envision Disney doing a deal with HBO to have the 20th Century on their platform first then second window on Disney+

(21-05-2023, 12:00 AM)James2001 Wrote:  
(20-05-2023, 11:24 PM)shropshireguy28 Wrote:  Yes but there will still be shops like HMV.

Though a lot of places don't have HMVs and the likes any more, they shut a load down a few years back.

Its a tangent, I'll admit, but that's actually a reversing trend. Albeit more floor space dedicated to nerd culture and things like collectibles and comic books, but HMV is reversing its fortunes from a few years back now. However, even with the new shops, a lot less floor space is dedicated to DVD's and Blu-Rays.

[Image: BB50.png]

This idea that Linear and physical media is going to taken away is silly, we're still at least a decade or so away before one of those becomes a reality and TBH it's no different to when the analogue signal was switched off.
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