BBC Breakfast (June 2023 - Present)

Echo most of what’s said here - really nice set (much better than B which is just too vast for news bulletins). But what are those graphics? Once again something that would have been laughed out of The Gallery.
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I think, all round, quite a good rebrand. The set is fairly certainly the best one the programme has ever had - there are a few 'meh' bits (e.g. the coffee table), but the only real fault is the lighting of the Sport newsroom, which, although not as bad as Cardiff, is far too dark.

The titles aren't the best and the animations a bit basic, but I do think the general graphics style does work quite well - particularly in studio. They give off a warm, soft vibe, which I suspect is what the programme was aiming for - even with the inclusion of blue.
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7 out of 10 great studio although we can’t see the office and looks dark when we can, the titles are disappointing the concept is good but not very well executed, great backdrop but the screens are suffering from moire effects, the weather screen looks weird and too small but anything is better then the previous studio which was just awful.
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(26-06-2023, 07:36 AM)Brekkie Wrote:  Surely if anything suits the monolith screens it's the weather forecast for Britain.
True, but there's no advantage in using one for  as it would still need the be the same height as on a landscape orientated video wall as it needs to go as high as Shetland and as South as Guernsey. 

Also from a meteological point of view, the Atlantic is quite important in weather forecasting
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(26-06-2023, 08:02 AM)Moz Wrote:  Is the shade of orange on the straps different?

The titles *do* start with BBC News, but right at the start and depending on how quickly the regions opt, it seems like it’s going to be cut off regularly.

Just assumed it was BBC News Red, but not quite it seems.   Would be better if they could have something a little more bespoke for Breakfast.

(26-06-2023, 08:35 AM)what Wrote:  Is it just me that's noticed the slight gap in the curved screen?
Paying homage to N6?  Big Grin

Watched some of Breakfast this morning. Thought it looked great. Good use of the studio space and they've certainly 'upped' the presentation with the use of the monoliths and big screen.

I agree with what another poster said about how the weather could possibly be presented from a monolith. They'd need to tweak the placement of the day/time (probably to the top of the screen).

It's a good effort and everything just felt a lot brighter and fresher. When they crossed to Look East for the regional news where I live the difference was very stark. With their poorly lit nearly 14 year old set, ancient gallery kit and upscaled to HD it just shows how urgently they need a complete new studio and gallery.

Overall I'd give it 8/10. Well done Chris Cook and the team.
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It looks ok. Maybe the colours make it look a bit dated, I’m put in mind of an Aussie breakfast show. The physical set looks nice enough on screen but I prefer it in Sport mode.

Big improvement though.
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It's interesting from the shots we saw a few weeks ago when Red and purple were the chosen colour scheme and it was reported that the orange was going there appears to have been a u turn in favour of orange and blue, I wonder what prompted this change, is it because people associate the colour with breakfast?

To be honest, I can't see the presentation of the weather being too much of an issue in the long run. I can't imagine the weather presenter will be in the studio that much. Its more than likely just a 'look at us' gimmick that'll fizzle out in a week or two when Carol or Matt go back to presenting DTL from London.
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The titles just look so cheesey with that blue circle flying over. Everything else is very good, however.
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