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(10-02-2024, 02:26 PM)ViridianFan Wrote:  It annoys me how when you open iplayer you get the animation but you don’t on any other of the apps.
I think there's a case supporting the News and Sounds app not having all the bells and whistles - these are available internationally and possibly they've done this so it runs smoothly on even the lowest end devices around the world.

Although I may be giving them more credit than they're worth

Agree with the comments about the logo - as timeless as Gill Sans is, MLN still modified the characters for the logo. It's a shame the same attention to detail wasn't afforded to the Reith logo...

I'm still not the biggest fan of the rebrand of Radio - especially Radio 3 and 4.
Their old logos perfectly conveyed the output of the stations, and the new neon colour schemes quite frankly look garish and cheap.
Compare the websites for PM and WATO. One looks thought out, whilst the other looks unfinished. I'll let you decide which one's which.. 

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Learnt something new there as I’d assumed there would be a uk version and international version as they used to have two versions for the website didn’t they? So international audiences have access the national radio station and the (not so) local stations too?

I thought they had modified the letters and they weren’t “pure” Gill Sans. Wish I could remember who I was talking to about that.

Then problem with bbc reith for the logos is I think it’s too thick in its normal weight. I think a semi-light would have looked better. Plus the letters are too small. I’ve noticed that in any application where the logo is small, you can loose the counters in the Bs (an issues with the 1980s slanted and coloured line logo and that the 1997 logo corrected. Because most of the channel names are no more then four letters they end up looking very chuncky and squashed. If you think back the channel logos when the colours boxes appeared the fonts were very think but they could larger as they didn’t look overly thick.

I couldn’t believe the PM website. It’s like they’d given up on it. We’ve also already got variation in logos with the world at one adding the clock hands and the gold underline “at”.

I have to say a lot of the colour schemes look very dull and almost dirty if that makes sense. They’re not very bright or eye catching. Think back to the textures and gradients they used on the bbc end boarders using the circles were much deeper and high quality

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