Ideal Worlds Future?

14:47 actually, as the clock seems to be on GMT rather than BST.
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(04-07-2023, 03:18 PM)James2001 Wrote:  14:47 actually, as the clock seems to be on GMT rather than BST.

Indeed - you spotted my error before I managed to edit the post.
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The moment they switched to the test card: 

And the moment they returned to the off air slate: 
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(04-07-2023, 03:14 PM)bilky asko Wrote:  The YouTube stream is still running, and a test card and tone is now being shown:

[Image: image_2023-07-04_151352791.png]

EDIT: This started at 13:47 (14:47 BST), if the time on the test card is to be believed.
Now back to showing the temporary suspended screen as of 15:45pm.
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(04-07-2023, 01:50 PM)Brekkie Wrote:  Suspect they're allowed to continue broadcasting dead air on Freeview for longer given other channels are blank 23 hours a day as long as they're paying the bill.  Struggle to see how it survives now though - feels like it's gone past the point of no return.

Last I heard a channel can broadcast for oddly 12 weeks without any programming on Freeview. It's, obviously, much shorter on Sky, in fact the reason BBC3 kept those graveyard programmes at 2am - 4am for a few weeks when it originally closed until it was fully removed was so they could broadcast a holding slide on Sky.
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Surely instead of just having that placeholder up they could just loop this? 
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How odd - I thought the future looked a little brighter for them in this new era with the advent of TikTok shop etc. - they were often going viral on there with their product demos.

Quite sad I have to now pick another channel to put on for the dogs when I go out.
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As companies often find out the hard way going viral often isn't reflected in sales.

The first half an hour or so of Ideal World opening. The date at the bottom says 17th April 2000 but they've always celebrated their birthday on air in March.

Ideal World TV opening as broadcast complete with audio and video problems Paul Lavers - YouTube
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And of course this is the Channel 4 documentary about the setting up and launch of Ideal World 
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