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(18-07-2023, 06:18 PM)harshy Wrote:  I don’t know I don’t really like the name TNT it’s means nothing to us Brits.
Yes, not a huge fan either but Setanta or ESPN meant little to us too.   Doubt it'll last as long as BT Sport did, and if the plan is to fold Eurosport into it after the Olympics and get people to pay the premium price for access to that too I can't see that ending well.   Indeed I'd say compared to Sky the £29.99 price for what TNT offers doesn't feel like value for money.
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Its a weird world. TNT Sports has the broadcast rights to WWE programming, yet in the USA, TNT broadcasts AEW, which ITV obviously have the UK rights to.

[Image: blu97.png]

I've posted this in the Sport thread, but I'll also mention it here. Keep a look out for this announcement from Viaplay tomorrow, when the Stockholm stock exchange opens. There's rumours that Viaplay's UK operations, created when they acquired Premier Sports last year, lost £24.1 million, and that Viaplay may look to scale back on its UK rights and/or operations. When it was BT Sport, they had the Top 14 rights, and lost them to Sky, and then Premier picked them up. With TNT having the Euro rugby, they may see the Top 14 as an ideal fit for their Premiership coverage as well. But also, TNT sub licensed the early games in the Challenge cup to Viaplay. If Viaplay does indeed scale back in the UK, what happens to those games?

(18-07-2023, 09:44 AM)VMPhil Wrote:  The branding is a bit of a step down from BT's to be honest.

I tend to agree, and one thing which really is quite visually distracting is the change to the DOG. It’s clearly “inspired”, shall we say, by the old BT Sport DOG but given that they’ve inverted the TNT part of the logo compared to how it was as BT, you now end up with a very large white stamp on screen permanently with the TNT letters formed out of negative space which is not great. Coupled with the fact that SPORTS is obviously one letter longer than SPORT and the TNT SPORTS logo takes up significantly more space than the BT SPORT version did.

Having said all of that though, I agree that the general style of the channel is similar and has carried over quite well - so it does not look too bad overall.

This is a smart move anyway, branding-wise, so that viewers who were not aware of the rebrand in advance don’t get confused. It’s close enough to BT Sport that casual viewers can still identify it. Some of the spirit of BT Sport is also retained in the various presentational elements which is nice.

Whatever happened with the Discovery deal, the days of BT Sport branding were arguably numbered as BT look to reposition EE as their primary brand. So it hasn’t turned out too badly really.
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It’s definitely less of clean break from BT than I thought - the presentation is, despite the name change, clearly an evolution of BT’s, whereas I expected something a bit more traditional. Good to see the spirit of BT Sport living on in that regard, although it’s fitting with the “New Name Same Game” theme.
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DixonBaxi (the same design house behind ITV's rebrand) developed the graphics package for TNT Sports, more info about the rebrand on the following links. 
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DixonBaxi were behind a previous BT Sport rebrand - and also the current Eurosport look.

Here's a bit of a glimpse of the desk - you'll have to guess what the virtual studio will look like behind it! 
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Looks like a virtual setup seemingly thats the way to go now, to be fair it does work quite well now.
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they have two new green screen studios at Stockley Park, alongside the existing Eurosport Cube, plus there's a smaller one being built at Chiswick Park.
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I know presenters and pundits are used to it now but sitting in a green box for hours feels a bit less likely to inspire than the epic BT Sport studio would have done. Though I always assume big largely empty studios are probably quite cold, so these should be easier to heat.

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