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(27-07-2023, 05:55 PM)nwtv2003 Wrote:  This is what I’m not sure of either, but FWIW the listings for the 1988 Telethon had virtually no TV-am input at all, they even had ITN News Headlines scheduled during TV-am hours, but for context they were coming out of the strike at that time. Can’t say for 1990 or 92.

I think for 1992 TV-AM's contribution was "Michaela's Cartoons"

Only for the first hour then Disney club got the last 2 hours.

There was also a LIVE chuch service at 10am, This morning did a live show from 11am - 1pm , Special LIVE edition of Bullseye.

Overnight was not great there was people choice film at 1am, 3pm Hit man and her but I doubt that was live, and 5-6am Highlights of 1988 and 1990 Ones.

(25-07-2023, 08:13 PM)Humphrey Hacker Wrote:  The ever reliable Neil Miles has this: 
Regarding regional locations; Somewhere on YouTube there is/was a trailer for that years London area Telethon coverage, I can't find it now obviously. It featured all the presenters (a mix of Thames, LWT and LBC) and locations used that weekend, 

The location that Jim Davidson and Emma Freud were in was the Connaught Rooms in Holborn. Many years later I was a regular in the pub opposite and the only thing I knew about it was that it was used for the Telethon. 

Michael Wilson and the blonde woman who's name I don't know were in Hays Galleria near Southwark Cathedral. 

Chelsea Harbour was the outside location where Danny Baker was on the second day. Also not seen in Neil's video was Douglas Cameron and Steve Jones who were in Batersea Park. 

Probably the most varied locations, but then they had the most money to spend.

I remember being in Brighton one Telethon weekend and seeing a massive TVS logo on the beach near the pier. The other Telethon I was in York and both Yorkshire and Tyne Tees both seemed studio-bound

EDIT: found it.... 

Can't access Twitter for some reason but a chap called Graeme Wood had scanned some pages from the TV Times for 1988.
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Can't access X? Did Musk ban you? Or was it just a server issue? Try again.

(29-07-2023, 10:48 AM)Humphrey Hacker Wrote:  Can't access Twitter for some reason but a chap called Graeme Wood had scanned some pages from the TV Times for 1988. 

He’s also got most of the listings for 1990 (YTV) - but frustratingly, not for 6am - lunchtime. 

I recall working on all these Telethon’s back in the day, quite a technical challenge at the time.
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I was too young to remember the telethons but for some weird reason I used to look at the quality of the itv telethon logo they stuck up on the studio, Yorkshire tv had a proper brassy one if I remember correctly and tyne tees went for a cheaper colour printed version, sadly can’t remember what the other regions did.

I have a vague memory of being taken along to be in the audience at STV's efforts in either 1990 or 92, which was in the car park of their studios in Cowcaddens.

Here's a little bit of the 1990 edition, introduced by Paul Coia: 

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