BBC One Autumn Schedule 2023

Casualty was off air most of last autumn so assume that is the plan again. It aired a double last week and another double airs next week.

Isn't Doctor Who likely just the one episode in November, then two over Christmas and New Year? Tends to have aired on the Sunday in recent years but wouldn't be hugely surprised if they did put it post-Strictly on a Saturday this time.

Blankety Blank also presumably airing a little bit earlier too to avoid double Bradley once Gladiators begins. For me that is a pre-Strictly rather than post-Strictly show but you never know with the BBC. To be fair though it probably makes more sense to launch it late into the Strictly run then hope it can stand on it's own two feet once Strictly finishes.

I guess The Weakest Link will begin over Christmas again airing in that week immediately after then continuing on Saturdays - assuming a third series has been commissioned.

I believe we’ve got 3 Doctor Who episodes for November to celebrate the 60th Anniversary, with another one at Christmas. Then a full series next year.

Weakest Link has, they announced it alongside The Wheel & Blankety Blank earlier this year.
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Could anything be dropped off into Friday and or Sunday nights as those can be big if marketed correctly

Is Gladiators definitely Saturday? Feels like it *could* work as an 8pm Sunday show - in the slot they used for Top Gear.

(13-09-2023, 01:07 PM)Torpido Wrote:  Could anything be dropped off into Friday and or Sunday nights as those can be big if marketed correctly

In theory yes but in practice no need.   Picture Slam, The Wheel and Blankety Blank will likely all be done by mid-November and Strictly an hour shorter so even if Casualty is slotted back in there is still over two and a half hours to fill.

The BBC never particularly have a problem with shows straddling the Christmas period and with Saturdays falling on the 23rd and 30th this year the series will likely continue without a break.

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