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(30-10-2023, 11:32 AM)mixchris Wrote:  Considering how small Sky have made their DOGs, I can't see how it'd worsen the entertainment offering. They keep them alive on Challenge and formerly Pick. Sky's ad breaks have got to be the worst.
Because there's a logo on screen the whole time, getting in the way?

It doesn't bother me personally, I should add - but it certainly bothers people, and in the early days of streaming platforms in the UK was oft quoted as a quality of life enhancement people enjoyed over watching linear TV.

Pick and Challenge (and Real Lives when that was still about) were not part of Sky's core proposition - which is/was content primarily to push their platform and convert people in to customers. Granted they still do push their own content/platform heavily on Challenge but that's more a synergy than anything - its main purpose is to deliver a large, FTA, audience to advertisers.

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I suspect there’s still a bit of a perception amongst some viewers, even if only subliminal, that channels with DOGs are a bit cheap, stemming from the days when they only appeared on those awful, downmarket satellite channels.

Plus, as others have said, the subscription streaming services don’t have them, so removing the DOGs probably gives a slightly more premium feel in this sense too.
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Surprised no one's mentioned the addition of a Sky Kids 'block' on weekend mornings, which has been quite heavily trailed.

I say 'block' - going by the listings, it's actually an hour of short-form programming at 8am, namely Let's Game, Silly Animals and Super Sema.
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So not like the block that ran on Sky One in the mid 90s then, Sky One Undun. That block was on from 7am to midday, and bit the dust when the majority of it's programmes moved to Fox Kids Network when that channel launched in October 1996.
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(10-02-2024, 07:07 PM)JAS84 Wrote:  So not like the block that ran on Sky One in the mid 90s then, Sky One Undun.

No. Much like the entirety of the rest of Sky Mix's output, it has precious little to do with what ran on Sky One in the mid 90s.

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Even though Mix, of course, was originally Sky 3.

Well, originally, it was Sky Travel!

(12-02-2024, 01:35 PM)lhx1985 Wrote:  Well, originally, it was Sky Travel!

On Freeview it was. Sky and Cable it was new.
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(12-02-2024, 01:35 PM)lhx1985 Wrote:  Well, originally, it was Sky Travel!
Sky Travel became Sky Real Lives in 2007, which closed a few years later. At the same time Sky Travel Shop changed to just Sky Travel, but using same logo as the previous holder of that name.

That version closed in 2010, when Sky Real Lives was renamed back to Sky Travel, which is still running. All very confusing from the perspective of branding. Confused

The only link with Sky 3 was that they sometimes showed the commercial features from Sky Travel in the middle of the night, and they also took their LCN on Freeview in 2005.
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