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(18-08-2022, 07:41 AM)UTVLifer Wrote:  
(18-08-2022, 06:53 AM)Ben Shatliff Wrote:  Paul Brand is presenting with Kate this morning. He was given a big introduction saying all the things he has done.

Paul is doing fairly decent presenting job alongside Kate this morning so far, better already than a couple of the other guest presenters there have been recent

I agree! I did also think that Robert Rinder has improved a lot, epecially during interviews where he comes across as very well informed.
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From what I have seen and it is only bits; Paul has been very good. Rob Rinder has been excellent too. I thought Rob has been good on his previous stints too.

Over recent years when we have discussed cover on GMB Paul had never been thought of. There is no reason why others from ITV News could not cover and I will put this one out there; Gamal Fahnbulleh.
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Martin Lewis is to present on Mondays throughout September 
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Robert Rinder was very good I thought; and obviously Martin Lewis is.

Paul Brand asked OK questions but is rather lacking a personality ! Lots of people *can* do this job, but only a select few have those magic qualities. He is definitely not among them

Good Morning Britain is on tomorrow (Saturday) Apart from Christmas specials has it ever been on Saturday before
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I would heavily suspect that it'll be Ben and Susanna again tomorrow, and then maybe him and Kate on Sunday

(09-09-2022, 08:28 PM)UTVLifer Wrote:  I would heavily suspect that it'll be Ben and Susanna again tomorrow, and then maybe him and Kate on Sunday

Confirmed it is Ben and Susanna tomorrow

It’s only down for an hour on Sunday, but might that schedule just be a work in progress for now?

Kate is presenting on her own in the studio this morning

I wonder why they decided to put GMB on this morning instead of ITV News? Especially given it didn't start till half 9.

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