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(31-10-2023, 10:25 PM)Kunst Wrote:  Yeah but, for how long has that channel even existed? For some months replacing TruTV.

I'm sure that, in the meantime, they've found an agreement with Sony about that name, as the whole True suite of channel doesn't exist anymore anyway.

Nerd emoji moment: From March 2016 to Febraury 2018, the original run was replaced by Sony Crime Channel 2, that lasted even way shorter than the main Sony Crime. And then the second, shorter run that took over truTV, from Febraury to July? 2019.

But yeah, I presume AMC got OK'd by Sony for name the channel True Crime.
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Or maybe no one cared at all at Sony? Big Grin .

The Sony Crime channel was such a mess, why having your main channel as a crime channel where you can't have nothing else but crime shows and series? We're much better off with Great! , as weird it might sound.

Said that, the logos are indeed too generic, but maybe graphics won't?
I don't know, they need new graphics at this point.

True Crime also will mean they won't be able to show nothing but crime related stuff (well, mostly documentaries), but I'm sure they've settled comfortably into that category by now and not much else.

I feel like something à la CBS Drama/a jolly channel for stuff that won't work on True Crime and Legend is missing (let's say general dramas which they might decide to acquire) and I don't like too much the ideas of Xtra channels.
I would've preferred True Crime Xtra to be True Drama or something , but again, it's their choice, economically viable and non risqué, so...
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Not the first time a channel name has been reused. There's been two TCCs - The Children's Channel and The Community Channel.
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I imagine they will keep the same idents, just with a new logo slapped on them.

They started with 4 brands and have chopped and changed them around and we now have -

CBS Reality > True Crime
CBS Action > CBS Justice > Horror Xtra
CBS Drama > CBS Reality Xtra > True Crime Xtra
Horror > Legend

The "legend" name is decent enough considering the programming it has, I think a more catchy single name (like keeping "Justice" might have been better as a name for True Crime. I also think it would have been better to have not has 2 'Xtra' channels and instead focused on a 3rd genre channel, perhaps showing the movies they have the rights to on its own channel, keeping True Crime and Legend to focus on TV series.
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Tbh i don't think watch free uk is the best option for the name. Sounds like an illegal streamer. I also don't think the amc square is strong enough, especially since amc uk doesn't even exist anymore. In my opinion, it should've been:

Legend to amc
Horror xtra to amc horror
Cbs reality to amc crime
Reality xtra to amc crime xtra
Catchup channels to some uk version of amc+

The new websites are up. A bit of a mouthful imo. 
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(05-11-2023, 07:39 PM)CillBill Wrote:  The new websites are up. A bit of a mouthful imo. 

I don't understand why true crime xtra and legend xtra need their own sites.
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New idents for the channels. 

Could they be any duller? I do think Legend 2 / True Crime 2 would probably be better than "Xtra" too, though suspect at least one of them will be rebranded again sooner rather than later.

Not sure how all this rebranding has impacted share (and hard to tell considering it's availability on Freeview has changed over the period too) but the CBS branding felt much stronger - even if you don't connect it to the US channel it felt more like a suite of channels.

(18-11-2023, 11:23 AM)CillBill Wrote:  New idents for the channels. 
I had a sinking feeling that this rebrand would be lazy judging by the names of the channels of some of the rebranded channels.
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