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(30-01-2024, 09:03 PM)Brekkie Wrote:  Do have to wonder how long that anomaly will be allowed to exist.
Possibly for long on linear channels, as UK channels are very often broadcast on other EU territories, mostly Ireland, so they have to be included under an EU legislation (Czechia, Luxembourg, Netherlands and so on).

And we know the EU at times can be stubborn.

Now the 12 minutes per hour advertising laws has been largely relaxed EU-wide (replaced by a "quota"), I can't understand why they don't treat children's content as movies and news are and just include them in the "one break once every 30 minutes" pattern.

I can understand why: they want to protect children, since in many EU countries you can't include an internal break on children's content at all (like Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the Nordics and so on), so they think this is the right compromise.

But it isn't, and an uncontrolled growth of uncontrolled fast channels (that EU traditional laws don't control) is proving just how silly these rules are.

Small digression

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