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Joint bulletins for South & South East on Breakfast this morning. Must've been short notice as weather is solely for South East and screens only changed to BBC South & South East at 0654 bulletin
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No weather on ITV News Meridian tonight

(30-12-2022, 09:16 PM)Superman1986 Wrote:  No weather on ITV News Meridian tonight

Just watched both programmes on their website. How very strange! Should've been from Millbank, same as West Country.

The sponsors won't be happy!
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30th birthday of Meridian was marked on tonights programme: 

Not sure what those ex-Central South viewers would have made of it(!)
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This evening's South Today included a report about Darth Vader's stunt double... For some reason it included burnt-in lower thirds, rather than the usual ones, with the old BBC logo. Someone might have forgotten to update a template...
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Watching South Today in HD for the first time this evening, I've noticed the chroma-keying is quite iffy during the weather. The lower-right area of the screen is very grainy! I assume this has always been there, and SD previously hid it?
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Sarah Gomme presenting tonight’s ITV News Meridian with Matt Teale. Must be her first time

Anjana Gadgil 
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Nick qurashi is doing it tonight
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I did wonder why Nick Quarashi is presenting and Anjana then did a report from the newsroom.
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