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I think the newscaststudio article mentioned they changed the logo to use the same font as the exclusive PBS font so there is a more unified network look. Which is saying alot because there is hardly anything "unified" about PBS. Too bad its not single structure.

TvNewser interviewed the creatives about the process for creating the new look for PBS News


Here is deep dive newscaststudio article with the creator director behind the new graphics package.


I like the new look, glad they kept theme arrangement. I like how the set is still simple, clean, and classy. It shows that you can make a good looking set, not spend that much, and make something that works and looks really nice. Though I would always wonder if PBS had like a BBC News budget what they'd pull off, but this is nice.
I like how the graphics are clean and simple too. Plus compared to commercial networks their newscast isn't flash , doesn't call every single story Breaking News (cough NBC, CBS, ABC) , the anchors aren't overly dramatic and talk in a strange version of English (ABC), the lower 3rds show up when needed and go away, kind of an old fashion way of doing it in the US when everyone else -even local news- has gone with lower 3rds on screen the whole time during stories.
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