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(14-08-2022, 09:37 PM)Steve in Pudsey Wrote:  Do we know where Phil was doing the news from? I assume his day job with DW is based in Germany, so could he have been down the line from there?

Judging by this press photo, he must have been somewhere in the house:

[Image: 1FE85A3A-EA27-4103-AFC6-3B952C0DE860.jpeg]

It's the last in the series on Saturday. How have people enjoyed the last three weeks? I think Mo, Aj and the production team have done a great job in bringing it back. The venue seemed well suited for this revival. Do we know it's rated in the last three weeks?

(14-08-2022, 09:37 PM)Steve in Pudsey Wrote:  Do we know where Phil was doing the news from? I assume his day job with DW is based in Germany, so could he have been down the line from there?

He's based up in the attic space believe it or not! The GMB news team are producing the news segments.

Does anyone know what the ratings were like for The BB? It certainly deserves another run but wonder if the figures agree?

If that WAS the final BB, it means both times it’s been axed, a senior royal has died within days of the final edition….

I don't know how it rated but If they do bring it back again I hope Ch4 commit to a longer run so the show can find it's feet properly. This summers 4 ep run didn't quite work for me personaly but there is certainly potential there. For me the show felt like the auto-pilot years between Chris Evans leaving and Johnny & Denise making the show their own. AJ & MO are a solid pairing and the shows strongest asset but it didn't feel like they were being utilised to their full potential. They need to be doing their big breakfast rather than the kind of generic, paint by numbers big breakfast they were doing.

This has popped up on Screen Ocean. A Bigger Breakfast edition with Mel Sykes, Ant & Dec. Not seen the news reader before: 

Before the thing with Ant always being on the left of Dec.

As an aside, I wasn't familiar with screenocean but the postal address at the bottom of the screen is very familiar - is this a c4 initiative or is that a coincidence?

Screenocean is Channel 4's own company for dealing with their archive sales, I think.

Quite a historical news day on that video as well- mentioning George Michael's arrest and the Northern Ireland negotiations- which led to the Good Friday agreement the following day. Also interesting to notice that at the start of the show when they show the clip of Robbie Williams being interviewed, you can see the Big Breakfast logo on the mic, yet on later bulletins they've blanked it out. Not sure why they felt the need to blank out their own logo.

Interesting to see the Bigger Breakfast branding being used at 7AM as well, because most of what I remember had 7-9 being branded as the regular Big Breakfast, with the Bigger Breakfast branding and hosts only coming in at 9. Does still look like it was the regular BB format until 9 though, with the various shows and other bits not coming in until later. A shame that video only runs to 8:30, so we don't see any of the Bigger Breakfast stuff.

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