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I really quite like the new idents, however the bumpers and promos just don't match them.
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So far, i’m not convinced. I get the whole pub chalkboard kind of shtick may have been getting tired to them… but my god at least it had personality.

The end boards and promo graphics look clean and they’re pretty lovely - they’re not Dave though, are they. It’s very generic lifestyle/comedy channel looking now though - if you literally swapped everything and started slapping the ITVBe logo on everything it would work. You can’t say that about the old branding!

The idents… it’s as if whoever has done them had a look at the old ones and completely misunderstood the point. There’s a void now - the old idents were tongue in cheek and genuinely amusing, and the new ones are the same sort of real life concept - just without anything amusing about them. A man walking past a train information board that has the Dave logo on it isn’t funny. Someone doing weights in front of a wall that has the Dave logo on it… isn’t funny.

Maybe i’m being too harsh - especially 3 idents deep - but i’m just very confused by the whole thing. For a channel that had edge and a sense of humour this is all sort of painfully generic. They’ve snipped off all 4 corners of a square and made a circle.
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I get the idea that bowls, darts, golf etc and the surrounding chalk board presentation was skewing to older males. But as has been said, there was an element of quirkiness and humour in them. These new ones - and I can only base this on the shorts so far - seem devoid of the Dave feeling.

If they wanted to appeal to a younger mixed audience, perhaps a better point of reference would have been the original 2007 idents. They were full of life, young adults having fun, and they set the original Dave tone.

I will reappraise my thoughts on the new look after seeing more of it, but I'm not particularly impressed for now.

[Image: tig96x96.png]
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I will just add the caution that the only idents aired so far are all the shorter daytime variants. These are deliberately more generic and just cut to a Dave logo so may seem a bit bland. When the longer 'peak time' ones with continuity begin, usually around 6pm, is when we can expect to see more of the proper variations on each of the themes, which will hopefully show a bit more of the witty/clever edge we're used to from Dave's pres. So I'd say hold off on judging the ident set until then.

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If that does turn out to be the case though - what is the point of having a new ident set that is meh for half the day?

On a channel like Dave, the daytime idents are 10 seconds and usually unvoiced. Shoulder peak (5pm) is when it fully kicks off.
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Since no one posted this so far, here's a capture of Dave's new DOG from this morning.

[Image: dave-Screenshot_20221109_071812.jpg]

What does Dave ja vu's logo look like? The same or have they just kept the "ja vu" out of the box?
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(09-11-2022, 05:54 PM)Allanbuzzy Wrote:  What does Dave ja vu's logo look like? The same or have they just kept the "ja vu" out of the box?

[Image: Dave%20Ja%20Vu%202022.jpg]
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The 5pm junction still used a shorter ident albeit with continuity, but as promised the fuller ident playouts have started from 6pm. The longer junctions now show slightly more subtle variations on the ident before the channel name appears later. The first full playout features the road again, but with an additional pointless roadsign to add in a bit of the channel character.


Edit - 7pm featured the Gym again, this time with some extra statistics on burning calories added in...

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