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(02-02-2024, 10:50 PM)Andrew Wood Wrote:  That's slightly depressing to hear that 'U' is really going to go ahead. I'm going to have a shower and hope it's all a bad dream...
I don't think you're alone in hoping that.

I was watching some pres on their channels earlier this week. I don't know why they want to throw it all away when they finally have quite a strong corporate and channel brands. They are still pushing UKTV Play with the break bumpers and that must surely be the future direction when most of your content is essentially archive.

If someone woke up and realised that 'U' was a bad idea, they're afraid to admit it. Confused
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If anything, the witty break bumpers could be the perfect opportunity for them to still launch it, but with a few tongue in cheek self-deprecating references to the channel name change, akin to how Channel 4 have been known to still reference 4OD sometimes. It would require some confidence from them so may not be something they'd do immediately at the launch, but it would certainly be on-brand for Dave and not taking themselves too seriously may even help get the new U name some extra exposure.

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