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(28-02-2024, 09:58 PM)Edmund Wrote:  Its a shame to see the old History channel logo go. It was only a matter of time after the A+E changed the logo elsewhere. In my opinion the new version is much less friendly looking, looks more imposing, probably fitted to the original History channel of yesterday more than the entertainment channel it has become.
They removed the arrow part of the logo in 2016 which was surprising. It had become a key part of the channels pres back in the 2010's even featuring in impressive cinematic channel promos with factories creating lots of History arrows which would then fly around the world. 

Here are some captures of the new logo in action on the channel.

Glad their idents are staying put. They're gorgeously made.

For me it still looks fine, the "H" and all

Again, I just think the "Sky H History" concept looks weird; either rebrand the channel as a proper "Sky" channel (and this happened fairly easily in Italy with Sky Crime, being just the local Hearst's version of Crime+Investigation) or just stick to History!

Curious that the idents still remain the same ones as before; in other countries, such as Italy, the rebrand meant throwing away all the bits of the previous branding
But it still makes sense in many ways, as the idents look fine and expensive too 
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I'd imagine A+E are insisting that the 'H' logo remains and that the branding doesn't completely become aligned to the rest of the Sky channels. It probably wouldn't seem as weird if the logo was vertically stacked. Nobody seems to have the same issue with the regular History channel logo being H History. Its just unfortunate with the current Sky logos there's no real way of integrating the H mark without it reading like a sentence.

[Image: ip.png]
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Yeah. It would've been fine in previous eras. The tombstones of the mid 90s would've just treated it the same as Sky Scottish's STV thistle. The late 90s early 2000s logos didn't have any unifying theme. But the current style isn't very flexible.
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Sky have just aired two separate trails for 'Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon' on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Premier League, at the same time before the 2nd half of Manchester City vs. Arsenal, both same length.

I stayed at my cousins this weekend, and interestingly on the Sky channels on Virgin TV, the promos for 'The Regime', which usually appear on Sky Atlantic (which is on Sky via satellite and IPTV as well as via NOW), for Virgin TV customers the programme points them to Sky Showcase for the programme (especially as Sky Atlantic isn't available on cable).

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