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(25-05-2023, 05:10 PM)mouseboy33 Wrote:  Took waaay to long. Thats should be one of the fastest shots to get. Simply a touch of a button. Im sorry waiting for someone to run down the road from their Whitehall Office with a camera is crazy. The BBC interrupted Talking Movies and had live pictures seeming of the Cenotaph, which of course its near Downing Street to immediately take. Could have just been a traffic camera they took. It just seems that a shot of or near Downing Street should just be a given as this is the official residence of the PM.  And you cant use security as an excuse as the White House is constantly under surveillance by the worlds media.
They're completely different in terms of scale, they can have a camera on a building a block or so away pointing at the White House as its got open land on two sides. 

Downing Street is a very small street, Whitehall is wider. The buildings are all 5 or 6 stories high so what a permanent camera could get would be limited even on the once in a blue moon that anything did happen - people and buses etc get in the way 

Of course a shot of the White House is sometimes used as a beauty shot for the end of news, again there's not really the same demand for somewhere in Whitehall.

Incidently, I'll take your word for it that there are permanent camera(s) pointing at the White House. There's certainly usually at least one crew there in case a live report is needed.

The plug in points and camera positions in Downing Street are crewed a lot of the time, but of course for the event today if they're not there then getting to those positions isn't possible because of the incident itself

(25-05-2023, 04:55 PM)mouseboy33 Wrote:  Why does UK have a lack of live cameras?
As others have said, the main reason is because they wouldn't get used much.

In the States you've obviously got a lot of city and regional stations with many rolling hours of local news/weather/traffic per day and ad breaks every 8-10 minutes - lots of transition shots to fill and utilise outdoor cameras. The main BBC/ITV regional news bulletins are one single structured 30-min bulletin at teatime, with 10 mins or less at both lunchtime and late, and 5 min updates at breakfast.  There's basically no time to casually 'take a look outside' and the weather forecasts are quite brief.

With just over an hour of regional news on the main broadcasters on weekdays, there's even fewer instances to use live cams in and out of commercial breaks as only the ITV regional news has one.

There are of course live shots behind the presenters on a lot of regional news as part of the sets, but even those can upset people who live in other percieved 'less important' part of the region if you focus too much on one town or city.

As for weather, the BBC introduces national and regional weather with a picture from their very busy 'Weather Watchers' community.  I guess this is the closest comparison to some of what I see on US local news.  It's still brief though: 

As for Downing Street, when there's a political scandal brewing there will often be a camera set up for hours on end outside pointing at the door, but I believe that's always manned. All of the property around there and on Whitehall is government owned so I doubt they'd grant permission for something more permanent to be installed.

As for other cities, live shots might be intesting for occasional building fires etc. but these are rarely treated as breaking news stories here, so the next scheduled bulletin will typically utilise video from social media - which is usually much closer and from multiple angles.
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Aside from the layout and government buildings around 10 Downing Street and the ease of setting up cameras, I wonder if the nature of the political system play a role. 10 Downing Street is not the equivalent of the White House technically speaking. Parliament is officially the centre of politics. In Canada, there's a camera set up for Parliament just like in the UK but not for the PM's residence. Same in Australia if I'm remembering correctly from the ABC's YouTube live stream.
If you think of American politics, the image of the White House and Capitol Building come to mind. For British politics, it's just the Palace of Westminster.
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(25-05-2023, 04:55 PM)mouseboy33 Wrote:  Regarding the car crashing into the gates of Downing Street off Whitehall. Im watching SkyNews and whilst the news is breaking.... They are simply showing a shot of the Palace of Westminster. There are 50 cameras pointed at the WhiteHouse live all day everyday. Im shocked there are no cameras showing at least the gates or even WhiteHall itself. Ive seen more from social media than they have been able to put on screen. Why does UK have a lack of live cameras?
I think the difference with all the cameras pointing at the White House is that many broadcasters use it as a backdrop, and have live reporting positions on surrounding buildings.

The gates into Downing Street are not really a recognisable reference point for broadcasters to use in reports, which is why all the plug-in points are within the street itself to allow for the backdrop of Number 10/11.
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A full hour of Sky News Today PM with Mark, Ginny & Steve from November 2005. Talk about having major flashbacks, I remember watching this live, back then. 

BTW, this account has tons of Sky News videos from 2005 - 2010, with hours of rolling news coverage, breaking news, many TOTHs included. This is a wonderful discovery for me since good You Tube Sky News videos from this period were few and far between.

CAVA - Current Affairs Video Archive - YouTube
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Nice studio for Harry In Court so far during the preview - don't think I've seen that studio before? 

(05-06-2023, 05:37 PM)TVenthusiasm Wrote:  Nice studio for Harry In Court so far during the preview - don't think I've seen that studio before? 
Isn’t it just Studio 6?
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(05-06-2023, 05:39 PM)W1ll Wrote:  Isn’t it just Studio 6?

Seems like it - just looked up images of Studio 6 and it looks similar so I'd say it is.
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Do they ever use the virtual big screen in Studio 6 anymore (the one designed to look like tge one in the box, oppositethe desk)? 

Can remember they used studio 6 as a presentation area for the Brexit Election of 2016 if memory serves me right. Jane Secker doing the daytime info stuff from there.

I may be mistaken.

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