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I'd like to see it in action first. Will this also be used for the morning show?
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(15-06-2023, 01:10 PM)London Lite Wrote:  I'd like to see it in action first.  Will this also be used for the morning show?

As far as I know, anything in that big studio (BFM Politique, Premiere Edition) will stay there.
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(15-06-2023, 12:44 PM)matthieu1221 Wrote:  BFMTV’s new studio 

The design of the new studio reminds me a lot of TF1's news studio. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same designer (Olivier Illouz) behind it, and the overall design feeling has exactly its DNA (pronounced and exaggerated curves, clean designs, lots of glass). Just speculating, however.

Otherwise, it is a really needed improvement for them. BFM TV's main news studio has always had a very cold and clinical design and feel to it, particularly after years of using cheap virtual sets and backdrops. We had hoped something was changing when they moved to Altice Campus, but we were treated with a similarly clinical design, but in a larger space. The new design looks also superior to the current set designs (compared to LCI's nice, but also very clinical set design, and CNEWS' cupboards). So, this is a welcome change and we will see how it looks in action visually.

A quick break on this for new Mercato news...

Télématin is facing some changes on its presenter line-up. Julia Vignali is leaving the show. There have been rumors of increased behind the scenes tensions over these last few months between Vignali and her co-presenter Thomas Sotto, but these haven't fully confirmed. However, the real reason for her resignation from the programme: she's taking over Sophie Davant (another Télématin staple), who is leaving France 2 to join the Bolloré-led Europe 1, on the presentation duties of Affaire conclue. 

A replacement for her on Télématin has been already confirmed: former Canal+ sports presenter Marie Portolano, who will leave M6 (where he joined two years ago to host The Great French Bake Off) and co-present Monday-Thursday with Sotto. 

Another high-profile hiring, but more related to sports: Isabelle Ithurburu, longtime Canal+ rugby presenter, has been hired by TF1 for its coverage of the landmark 2023 Rugby World Cup, but she will also eventually replaced Nikos Aliagas on the presenting duties of the weekly entertainment newsmagazine 50 Minutes Inside. 

We've talked about Europe 1, which getting closer to Bolloré wanting it to be a radio version of CNEWS, and, alongside the hiring of Davant, who will host a daily drive time show on lifestyle and entertainment issues, Europe 1 has hired Thomas Isle, who is coming back to the big leagues (after the axing of France 5's La Quotidienne and the spectacular failure of Samedi à tout prix). Isle will host the midday media news slot, replacing Phillipe Vandel, who has been fired by the new Bolloré management. 

Over at France Inter, big changes coming to its schedule, becoming increasingly focused on news and current affairs. After Marc Fauvelle was hired as Catherine Nayl's replacement, a big chunk of next season's schedule has been announced. Nicolas Demorand and Léa Salamé will retain hosts duties on the station's morning slot, which will now air from 7h to 10h. Additionally, they will be joined by Sonia Devilliers, who will do the 7:50 am political slot.

Le 13/14 will also have changes: Bruno Duvic is becoming Radio France's Rome correspondent, with his chair being taken over by Jerôme Cadet. Additionally, France Inter is incorporating the weekend morning show into its Friday schedule, and will gain new hosts, Ali Baddou and Marion L’Hour. The 6-9 Weekend will now air Friday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m, reducing Nicolas Demorand and Léa Salamé to a Monday-Thursday schedule. 

More changes will affect cultural and societal programming. Its drive time humor show, C'est encore nous, with Charline Vanhoenacker and Alex Vizorek, is now becoming a weekly show on Sundays. The move has caused a big outcry, leading to fans launching an online petition. 

Matthieu Noël's Zoom zoom zen will get an extra hour going forward, and cultural interview show L’heure bleue will get a new host: Eva Bester replaces Laure Adler. Additionally, Jérôme Garcin will retire from the station's long-running book review show Le masque et la plume in January, with Rebecca Manzoni succeeding him. She will compatibilise the duties with her existing show Totémic.

The only show axed is Patrick Boucheron's history strand. Although Arrêt sur images (paywall) tells the move is due to budget cuts, France Inter management (including Director General Adèle van Reeth) was clearly hostile against Boucheron, a Collège de France academic historian. 

Over at RTL, after the announcement of Pascal Praud's resignation, more changes have been known: RTL Matin (Yves Calvi/Amandine Bégot) will lose its daily humor slot, which was alternately presented by Bertrand Chameroy, Sandrine Sarroche, Mathieu Madénian, Sébastien Thoen and Élodie Poux. In the other hand, RTL Soir will get that humor slot, hiring RFM's morning show host Marc-Antoine Le Bret, who will also be a core member (sociétaire) on Laurent Ruquier's Les Grosses Têtes.

The RTL Matin cultural strand Laissez-vous tenter is also being spun-off as its own Sunday morning show, for 45 minutes at 9h15. RTL cultural editor Anthony Martin will serve as presenter of the new weekly show. Additionally, both Ruquier and Julien Courbet have renewed with RTL for long-term contracts. 
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Do we know if RTL is getting the United branding? There is no mention of it but I’ve assumed it would happen in September in line with the usual season launch.
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(17-05-2023, 10:30 PM)Medianext.MX Wrote:  To other news, France 3 veteran Catherine Matausch is retiring from France Télévisions, the upcoming launch of the Ici newscasts being the reason for the move. Carole Gaessler will debut her new Olympic magazine later this summer, after numerous delays, whilst Émilie Tran Nguyen will get an increased role at France 5's infotainment show C à vous, including currently anchoring the first part from the Paris loft (with Patrick Cohen, Matthieu Belliard and Mohamed Bouhafsi) as the rest of the show's presenters (Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Pierre Lescure and Bertrand Chameroy) move to Cannes for a Festival-oriented second half of the show, direct from the Promenade with a live studio audience and star guests, as part of France Télévisions' greatly expanded coverage of the event. 

An update to this: it looks like Émilie Tran Nguyen might be eventually leaving France Télévisions altogether: in an interview with Télé Loisirs, she told reporter Anne-Claire Dugas is studying options to move on, but she is not leaving out the idea of becoming joker for Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine on C à vous, on the heels of her tenure during Cannes, where alongside Belliard and Bouhafsi (Cohen was actually in Cannes alongside Lemoine, Lescure and Chameroy), she was joined by guest chroniqueurs, including FTV political editor Nathalie Saint-Cricq and YouTuber Jean Massiet. Her final show on France 3's 12/13 is July 7. 

And, after being named co-host of France Inter's weekend morning show, Ali Baddou is leaving C l'hebdo and C à vous' joker duties. According to Le Parisien, Tran Nguyen might also compatibilise the joker duties with the presenting chair on the Saturday version of the show. 

Still with C à vous and Patrick Cohen, he was being tapped as Marc Fauvelle's replacement on Franceinfo Radio; although the idea was supported by Radio France PDG Sibyle Veil, it was nixed by content director Laurence Bloch, as he thought the move risked the audience leadership of Nicolas Demorand and Léa Salamé over at France Inter (whose ratings have been the highest in many years), leading Veil to follow suit, citing "high costs", his "too old" age not helping to build a "modern identity" to the slot, and the fact his often aggressive style of presentation (at a degree he also expresses his opinions on hot-button stories) is not a fit for the station's "news-oriented star".

This move was hotly contested by Cohen, declaring himself "the victim of a vendetta", forcing his unilateral resignation, as he would only have his France Culture weekly show, L'Esprit Public, in the new season. 

The move caused a stir on Franceinfo's radio newsroom (especially its union members), leading Veil to an emergency town hall: 

Still on the world of infotainment show crossovers, Sophie Dupont is leaving TMC's Quotidien, where she was one of its star political chroniqueurs. She has been hired by BFM TV to be their main reporter covering the National Rally (RN). This hasn't been well-received by party members, asking them to boycott interviews with the Altice news network. 

Carole Gaessler's new after-19/20 venture has a name: the Paris Olympics daily magazine show will be named Aux jeux citoyens ! The new show starts July 3, and the 30-minute format will have famed Olympians and Paralympians serving as reporters and chroniqueurs, including Théo Curin, Stéphane Diagna, Laure Manaudou, and Marie-José Pérec. Alongside reports, interviews and debriefs, the show will air three daily segments bringing news, history capsules and information on Games venues and events. The show will air during the slot currently occupied by Samedi d'en rire : La quotidienne. 
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Franceinfo TV seems to be having their BBC News moment.

The other three news channels in France, LCI, BFMTV and CNEWS have been covering a large explosion in Paris complete with raw footage, while Franceinfo stubbornly continues to cover the submarine disappearance.
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(21-06-2023, 04:40 PM)London Lite Wrote:  Franceinfo TV seems to be having their BBC News moment.

The other three news channels in France, LCI, BFMTV and CNEWS have been covering a large explosion in Paris complete with raw footage, while Franceinfo stubbornly continues to cover the submarine disappearance.
I am watching France Info TV right now and they are also convering the explosion in Paris now

Samuel Etienne presented his last bulletin for Franceinfo this morning, here's his final link. 
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BFMTV has been doing a great job. They had cameras on the scene in minutes and they used multiple angles and they used the sky cams to give an skyline perspective. BFMTV does a great job of coveraing french stories. And they are good at getting to scenes very quickly. Also because they have multiple regional 24hr news channels they can utilize those resources within minutes. BFMTV Paris also did their own separate coverage from a local level. Which is absolutely amazing they didnt turn their signal over to the mothership. They continued to provide the citizens of Paris their own coverage. Thats how it should be done. Of course they shared live images from the scene between both channels. But they also had their own BFMTV Paris reporters live on the scene. Though they did take advert breaks. (Gotta make the money to make the channel profitable, speaking of adverts. Unlike the failed UK local channel experiment. These BFMTV channels actually had real paying adverts, from actual companies and national advertisers) They restarted right at the top of the hour. Great coverage from both BFMTV National and BFMTV Paris

Also I noticed, the french police, fire and municipal authorities made sure they updated the public regularly on the latest of the situation LIVE and on camera. Instead of waiting hours before saying anything.
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Franceinfo soon recovered, even during the radio simulcast show Les informés, they utilised both radio and tv journalists on the scene and had experts in the studio including a firefighter.

Now that's how you do radio on tv and not the bodge job with Nicky Campbell on BBC News.
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