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Posted by: sigma421
30-01-2023, 03:24 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
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Reading the threads about the merging of BBC News and BBC World News and people's thoughts on CNN International's prioritisation of US news got me wondering if the truly international news channel is just not something there is demand for anymore?

Back in the 2000s, broadband internet access was limited and streaming video a bit of a rarity. If you were abroad and wanted to keep up with what was going on at home, you would have probably headed to an internet café or (maybe) used a laptop in a hotel room on fairly expensive ethernet. This meant that international English language news channels were the best option for keeping up with what was going on at home. Satellite distribution was also still fairly expensive, making it hard to offer 'TV from home' even if people wanted to.

Nowadays, wherever I travel I can watch Sky News on my iPad and (often) Chromecast it to a TV in the room. There is also a wide range of channels I can choose from if I want a German, French, Singaporean or whatever spin on what's going on. Given a choice between BBC World News and Sky, I'd probably choose Sky because it covers stuff I'm more likely to be interested in. 

I realise international travellers weren't the only people these channels were aimed at but they must've been a fairly big part, especially in terms of advertising money must have been those people.

It's sad for us as pres fans but is the international news channel simply something that's been out-evolved?

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Posted by: Newshound47
30-01-2023, 02:11 PM
Forum: Industry News, Technology and Facilities
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Not surprising with the cost of living crisis.

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Posted by: Dadeki
29-01-2023, 04:24 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Some sad news today:

Quote:Dame Esther Rantzen has revealed she has been diagnosed with lung cancer, but said that she feels "optimistic".

In a statement, the 82-year-old broadcaster and charity founder said she was having tests to assess the best treatment for her condition.

Dame Esther became a household name and a pioneer for female journalists during her career at the BBC.

BBC News

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Posted by: Dadeki
27-01-2023, 05:47 PM
Forum: Programme Presentation
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Quote:British actress Sylvia Syms, a star of stage and screen for six decades, has died at the age of 89.

She shot to fame in the 1950s in Ice Cold in Alex, and was nominated for Bafta Awards for Woman in a Dressing Gown and No Trees in the Street.

Later, she was in TV shows like Peak Practice and EastEnders, and in 1991 played the former prime minister in ITV's Thatcher: The Final Days.

BBC News

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Posted by: Bennyboy84
26-01-2023, 06:53 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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Has anyone else noticed that on Sky Cinema channels (305 Sky Animation is an example) the screen sometimes goes black for a second or two then it comes back with no sound until you change channel then change back?

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Posted by: Josh
26-01-2023, 02:45 AM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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Was looking around at old forum posts on various sites and came across these posts... 
...about there being issues with the 18:58 switch between CBBC/BBC Three & CBeebies/BBC Four when the digital channels initially launched in the early 00s, more specifically CBBC content appearing on BBC Three.

It mentions that may have been a period of time where the channels closed down earlier than usual (18:45 or 18:50) to help ensure there we no issues with switching. Does anyone know when these issues may have taken place and why? Would be interested with insight into this! :)

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Posted by: JasonB
25-01-2023, 10:53 AM
Forum: Programme Presentation
- Replies (519)

Brookside will stream full episodes on STV Player from February 1st. 

Brookside: Actors' delight as STV Player to stream soap from start - BBC News

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Posted by: L1_
24-01-2023, 11:29 PM
Forum: Channel Presentation
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I'm curious to know what got us all interested in the rather niche subject of TV presentation? 

There's no one reason for me, but watching It'll Be Alright on the Night and various bloopers I remember made me interested in how TV was produced. I also vividly remember the launch of Channel 5 and the DOG which no other terrestrial channel had at the time, and the rather iconic 'colour bars' being somewhat striking at the time.

What was it that got you all interested in TV pres?

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Posted by: octothorpe
23-01-2023, 02:46 PM
Forum: News and Sport Presentation
- Replies (98)

This region doesn't appear to have its own thread, so might as well start one. This will apply to, at least, BBC's Look North (North East & Cumbria) and ITV News Tyne Tees/Border (there may be other regional variations up here I'm not aware of).

Look North this lunchtime appeared to be having issues with its autocue; after the first report/VT ended, the newsreader (Alastair Gill) started reading from the script in front of him through until the end of the bulletin.

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Posted by: gottago
23-01-2023, 11:56 AM
Forum: Online Presentation
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I switched to the ad tier when it launched and it was absolutely packed with ads - pre-show and multiple times during. But now they seem to have completely stopped - I watched a full 90 minute doc last night with no ads whatsoever.

There was a news story last month that they hadn't managed to switch as many people as they thought they would to the tier so I wonder if it's underperformed so much that they're just not able to sell ads.

Certainly worth switching to if you're not bothered by being able to download and miss out on a handful of restricted shows.

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